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Wanted: L&N model train pieces 
that are O-gauge and compatible with Lionel, MTH, Marx, 3-rail etc..


1950 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe 2-door Sedan for sale by owner $29,999

Frame-off Restoration



"Trains I Want to Buy"



Web Site: www.DRTRAIN.com



I am looking for L&N O-Scale pieces and "Old West", 19th century pieces.)

2020 UPDATE: I have curtailed my buying somewhat.
 So, I'll now only buy something if it is a GREAT deal.


ATLAS brand "Wanted":

A6817-1 L&N (Gray/Yellow) SDP-35 #1700 W/Lionel Railsounds & TMCC List: $399.95 (What is YOUR price?)
A6817-2 L&N (Gray/Yellow) SDP-35 #1702 W/Lionel Railsounds & TMCC List: $399.95 (What is YOUR price?)



L&N 40' Boxcar "Dixie Line" (3 road #'s)
L&N 40' Boxcar "Old Reliable" (3 road #'s)


L&N 1941 Ford Police Car, die-cast metal, 1/43rd scale


InterMountain L&N Hopper cars (any road number wanted)


K-LINE brand "Wanted":
L&N Pieces

K2628-10 L&N speeder
K661-1091 Baltimore & Ohio flatcar with cannons (List: $32.95 / Your price $____)
K661-1752 New York Central classic flatcar with cannons (List: $35.95 / Your price $____)
K661-1891 PRR Flat w/Cannons (List $32.95 / Your price $____)
K661-1894 Pennsylvania Railroad flatcar w/2 1957 Chevy's (List: $35.95 / Your price $____)
K661-1931 Reading Flat w/Cannons (List $32.95 / Your price $____)
K-6620 Flatcar w/Cannons
MDK6231671 L&N Die Cast 4-bay Hopper, Blue

KTM - Scale Models - U.S. Model Hobbies, Inc. TRAINS "Wanted":

KTM US Hobbies O 2-8-4 L&N Berkshire Brass



Kusan 24560 L&N flat car
L&N pieces or sets


ANY In-The-Box Pieces (Excellent or better)
963 Plasticville "Frontier" set
963-100 Plasticville "Frontier" set
1612 "The General Old-Timer Outfit" set '59-60
1644 "Frontier Special" General Passenger set '61
1800 "The General Frontier Pack" set '59-60
1862 4-4-0 General, Gray/Red '59-62
1865 W&ARR Coach
1866 W&ARR Baggage Car
1872 4-4-0 General, Gray/Red '59-62
1875 W&ARR Coach
1875-W W&A RR Coach
1876 W&A RR Baggage Car
1877 Flatcar w/Fence & Horses
1882 4-4-0 General, Black/Orange '60
1885 W&A RR Coach
1887 Flatcar w/Fence & Horses
2528WS "5-Star Frontier Special Outfit" set '59-61
Generals & Matching Cars
New Pieces In-The-Box
Paper: "The General" storybook
Post-War Accessories



1052 "James Gang" set
1351 B&O General set (AOO-AGJ)
1608 American Express General Set
"4136" L&N GP-38-2 (18819) '92
5165/5166 Remote Switches, 72" "O"
5540 Crossover, 90 degrees "O"
5554 Curve Track, 54" "O"
5572 Curve Track, 72" "O"

(6111) LOTS L&N Covered Hopper
6587 W&ARR Flatcar w/horses
7241/42 W&ARR Passenger Cars
7312 W&ARR Stockcar
7909 L&N Boxcar
8004 Rock Island (General) 4-4-0
8104 UP "General" (JC Penny) "3" (w/case?) '81
8315 B&O "General" '83-'84 (TV-1CO)
8615 L&N "Big Emma" "1970" 2-8-4 Steamer '86
8630 W&ARR 4-4-0 "3" '86
8701 W&ARR 4-4-0 "3" '77-79
"8702" Virginia & Truckee RR 4-4-0

9121 L&N Flat w/Bulldozer & Scraper
9222 L&N Flat w/white letters & 2 Trailers
9222 L&N Flat w/yellow letters & 2 Trailers

9552/53 W&ARR Cars for General
11706 "Dry Gulch Line" SSS set '88

11729 L&N Express set
16010/11/12 Virginia & Truckee RR cars

16538 L&N/Family Lines Yellow Caboose w/smoke

16673 Whistle Tender

6-17477 L&N PS-5 Gondola with containers
18023 Western Maryland Shay

18702 Virginia & Truckee 4-4-0 "8702"
18819 L&N GP-38-2 Diesel "4136"
21900 "American Civil War" series Union Train set
21901 "American Civil War" series Confederacy Train set
21951 US Army "WORLD WAR II TROOP TRAIN" ($399.95 list)

32987 Hobo Campfire (List: $39.95)
52071 Copper Basin Ore Car

52172 TCA boxcar
The following Stockcars: "1513", "1989", 3366, 3370, 3656 Corral, 6376, 6434, 7301, 7302, 7312, 7401, 7808, 9224, 9407, 9408, 9437, 9448, *9725, 13600, (16110), 16141, 19519, 19530 & 19828

LCCA Halloween General Set
Lionel LCCA 2003/2004 Halloween set

ANY Mint-In-The-Box "Bargains" Considered
B&O General, blue
"Generals" & matching cars
L&N pieces or sets (Factory or Custom pieces)
Plastic Tender w/NO Road name
Whistle Tender w/NO Road name


MTH "Wanted":
1120 "General" w/Protosound
1135 W&ARR "Texas" w/Protosound
20-2152B L&N Powered B-Unit
2508 Operating Hand Car
6400 Overton Passenger cars for "General"
6404 Overton Passenger cars for "Texas"
6405 Overton Passenger coach set for "Wanderer"
7114 WARR Stockcar
7216 WARR 19th century Gondola
7320 WARR 19th century Tank car
7439 WARR 19th century Boxcar
7635 WARR Flatcar w/Cannon
7724 WARR Woodside Caboose
93013 L&N Double-Door Boxcar

20-2152 L&N Powered B-Unit

20-2152B L&N Dummy B-Unit
($74.97 at SVC)

20-3064-1 L&N 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Engine w/Proto-Sound 2.0
(List $999.95 / Your price?)

20-6020 L&N 5-Car 60' Aluminum Passenger Set

20-6120 L&N 2-Car 60' Sleeper/Diner Aluminum Passenger Set (Dixie Journey, Alabama Pine)

20-91092 L&N Bay Window Caboose - (Gray and Yellow w/Red Lettering) -
(List $54.95 / Your price $_____)

20-93013 L&N Double Door 50' Box Car - (Brown w/White Lettering)

20-93062 L&N 50' Box Car -
(List $42.95 / Your price $_____)

20-97080 L&N 4-Bay Hopper 6 Car Set with matching painted trucks - 4-Bay Hopper 6 Car Set - Car #s 195030,195034, 195041, 195050, 195053, 195055 -
(List $229.95 / Your price?)

20-97081 L&N 4-Bay Hopper 6 Car Set with matching painted trucks - Car #s 195063, 195066, 195070, 195072, 195077, 195084
(List $229.95 / Your price?)

30-1178-0 L&N 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Engine - With Loco-Sound
(List $299.95 / Your price?)

30-1178-1 L&N 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Engine - With Proto-Sound 2
(List $399.95 / Your price?)

30-7008 L&N 6-Car Freight Set - Flat w/Trailer, Rounded Roof Box Car, 3-Dome Tank Car, Gondola w/Junk, Crane Car, Steel Caboose
(List: $199.95 / Trainworld's price $89.99)

30-7008A L&N Flat Car w/Trailer - Originally Sold as part of L&N 6-Car Freight Set (30-7008)
(List: $34.95 / Your price $____)

30-7008B L&N 3-Dome Tank Car - Originally Sold as part of L&N 6-Car Freight Set (30-7008)
(List: $32.95 / Your price $____)

30-7008BC L&N Rounded Roof Box Car - Originally Sold as part of L&N 6-Car Freight Set (30-7008)
(List: $32.95 / Your price $____)

30-7008D L&N Crane Car - Originally Sold as part of L&N 6-Car Freight Set (30-7008)
(List: $49.95 / Your price $____)

30-7008E L&N Gondola Car - Originally Sold as part of L&N 6-Car Freight Set (30-7008)
(List: $32.95 / Your price $____)

30-7008F L&N Steel Caboose - Originally Sold as part of L&N 6-Car Freight Set (30-7008)
(List: $49.95 / Your price $____)

30-7334 L&N 3-Dome Tank Car - Car No. 20975 - Railking -
(List $32.95 / Your price $____)

30-7334 L&N 3-Dome Tank Car - Car No. 20980 - Railking -
(List $32.95 / Your price $____)

30-7545 L&N Hopper Car - Car No. 191043 - Railking -
(List $34.95 / Your price $____)

30-7688 L&N Flat Car w/Wheel Sets - Car No. 24560 - Railking -
(List $34.95 / Your price $____)

30-7744 L&N Offset Steel Caboose
(List $39.95 / Your price $____)

Extruded Aluminum Passenger Cars
CSX Engines & Cars
L&N Engines & Cars
Shay Engine & Cars
Stock Cars w/Cow Proto-sounds
"Wanderer" Steamer
Z-4000 Transformer


MARX "Wanted":
(1951) Rio Grande Tender, black plastic (w/no number)
9616 / 9616-A NYC set with box from '53 (My 1st train set)
ARMY (Any Set or Piece)
BOOK Greenberg's Marx Trains Vol 1
20309 L&N Gondola (Yellow or Brown)
Tales of Wells Fargo set
Play sets: any Old-West pieces or sets, playsets
(Fort Apache, Roy Rogers, Davy Crockett, etc....)


MISC "Wanted":
L&N (any O-Gauge piece or Memorabilia)
Any Railroadiana from any of the depots in the Atlanta Division
"Old-West" layout pieces (buildings, figures, etc..)


963 Frontier set
Log Cabin w/Fence (LC-2?)
Pieces for an "Old-West" Layout


RMT American Railroad Legends Series Trains "Wanted"

RMT 4641 L&N #463 short GP Diesel Engine (List $39.99

RMT 4642 L&N #464 short GP Diesel Engine (List $39.99

RMT 96264 2-car L&N / Dixie Line set


TOOL TRAINS "Wanted": (as featured in Classic Toy Trains)
Tool Trains Pink Evans Auto Loader in ('O' Gauge)
Blue Evans Auto Loader in ('O' Gauge)
Olive drab Evans Auto Loader in ('O' Gauge)

Pyro and other O-Gauge Military reproduction pieces


  • WEAVER TRAINS "Wanted":
    Weaver 3505 L&N Steel-side Boxcar, blue w/yellow lettering
    Weaver L&N pieces or sets
    Weaver L&N Hopper cars
    Weaver Q1049 L&N E-8 Powered AA's With 5 Matching Madison Pass Cars. (List: $1,199.95, SVC's price: $599.98)
    Weaver U25B L&N w/Sound (3 road #'s avail)

    Weaver U2147L PS-1 40' Boxcar L&N

    Weaver U2329L 3-Bay Ribbed Coal Hopper L&N

    U7578 GP38-2 Louisville&Nashville # 4000 Diesel
    L&N Gondolas


  • WILLIAMS "Wanted":
    Williams 1004 L&N Alco FA-1 A-A Diesels
    Williams 1007 L&N #2821 GE U33C "U-BOAT" Diesel Powered
    Williams 1008 L&N #2822? GE U33C "U-BOAT" Diesel Powered
    Williams 2007 L&N #2823? GE U33C "U-BOAT" Diesel Dummy

    Williams 5106  L&N 1580 2-8-2 Mikado Steamer

    Williams # BERK110 L&N 1977 2-8-4 Berkshire Steamer

    Williams FA-1 L&N AA set
    Williams ANY L&N Aluminum Passenger Cars
    Williams L&N pieces or sets





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