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Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2008 14:51:50 -0500
From: "Susan Johnson" <susan@sapulpa.lib.ok.us>
Subject: Yuchi Tribal Grant
To: www.euchee.com/yuchimail

The Sapulpa Public Library, Sapulpa, Creek County, Oklahoma, has been awarded a Grant to house the Yuchi Tribal artifax and information. At this time, we are accepting photos, records, artifax, anything to do with the Yuchi tribe. It is our honor to be involved in this project. We have lost too much and need to preserve all we can. If anyone has anything they would like to contribute to our collection, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you

susan @ 918-227-3128
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 15:38:00 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Saraeh White" <saraeh_w@yahoo.com>

To: www.euchee.com/yuchimail

Subject: website

Hi, I found your website, like many others and since they had all asked for some sort of help, I thought maybe you knew your stuff haha. So I've been trying to find out information about my grandfather named Willie Beard. He was born in Tennessee in 1917 but the vital records didn't say where. I am going to try to order his birth certificate if I can. I also found a page online through a genealogy site that said
"Willie Beard 1930 Euchee , Creek County, Oklahoma"
So when I looked up Euchee all I found around that time was Euchee Mission Society. So is it fair to assume that he attended the boarding school in 1930 when he was 13 yrs old? I also read the definition of Euchee that said:

Eu·chee (you' che)
n., pl. Euchi or Euchees

1. A Native American people formerly inhabiting northern Georgia and eastern Tennessee, politically included in the Creek confederacy since the 19th century.
2. A member of this people.
3. The language of the Yuchi.

Considering my grandfather was born in Tennessee, and having found the records about Euchee, would you think that my grandfather was Euchee Indian?

If you dont know any of this information, its completely fine. I just assumed that since everyone emailed you for advice, you might know a little something. Thanks for your time.



Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 16:41:05 -0500
From: "Carol Perrington" <CPERRINGTON@newsouthfederal.com>
Subject: Email for euchee.com/yuchimail

I took a study in Hebrew from a real, live Messianic Rabbi several
years ago, and it really doesn't look like the alphabet. Just a
thought..... \O/

Carol K. Perrington
6321 Piccadilly Square Dr. Ste. C
Mobile, Al. 36609
From: "Robert Robinson" <robertnsteph@yahoo.com>
Subject: email from euchee.com/yuchimail
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 00:02:32 -0500


I am interested in finding info on the band of Yuchi/Euchee Indians from southeast GA. Specifically Burke County. I grew up in the area and have since moved to Birmingham , AL. While in GA I had a friend who grew up on 60 acres in Burke County that had a Yuchi camp on it. Going there you can pick up artifacts like picking up rocks. I have several arrow heads and some shards of pottery. This has been eight years ago but back then they were having problems with people sneaking onto their land and digging for artifacts, they were finally caught. My friend had many display cases and frames full of all type of artifacts. I know in the area there is a creek names Euchee.

Robert Robinson

Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 08:21:43 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Shoshone P-Elmardi" <nativesistergroup@yahoo.com>
Subject: RE: Article

I am resending the article that I had previously sent because you may not be able to open it.
Shoshone Peguese-Elmardi

Native By Blood, Native by DNA
An indigenous people and their history nearly wiped out, Anson County, NC
By: Shonne Peguese-Elmardi

Dedicated to the other forgotten Native Aboriginal Peoples who resided in the Carolinas and their direct descendants who were forced of their lands, had their culture destroyed and their Identities nearly wiped out.

"Ancestors". you were forced not to speak your language and to give up the ways of your ancestors and you fought an protested"" then you were silenced, you were run of your lands and forced give it away or sell it for very little or nothing, you fought and protested"". then you were silenced. You were told you are not a Native anymore and silently wiped off the records and out of the history books, they torched and burned and heated their kettles with our history and we were silent. Then I was born and I could no longer be silent for I am speaking for my ancestors and for my descendants and their descendants, my voice is loud and my knowledge is strong and the spirit of our people have been reborn within in me, the ancestors have sent me and they have guided me on this journey to let the truth, that so long ago had been taken from them so many moons ago be spoken hundreds of years later by me"


Dedicated to my Native American Great Grandma Kila Bennett Leak, her sister Aunt Darnetta Bennett Owens, Emma Bennette Marshall and their brother "Indian Uncle Frank Bennett", and mostly my mother Olivia Peguese who kept the oral history and accounts of our Natives ancestors alive and recounted them to me as a young child.

Great Native American Aunt born around 1879, pictured in Anson County, NC (Pee Dee/Chowanoc)

My name is Shoshone Peguese Elmardi. I am a member of the MCDC Pee Dee Indian Tribe in SC. I currently reside in the state of CT. I have studied Cultural Anthropology and traveled the world. I am also a Genetic Genealogical Consultant listed with the International Society for Genetic Genealogy. I used DNA Testing and Genealogical Research to help me with research that I had been doing on my Native Ancestors for the past 15 or so years. I participated with the project headed by Anthropologist and Geneticist Dr. Spence Wells (The Genographic Project) of National Geographic. It clarified that our people were of Native decent and had some of the oldest Aboriginal DNA in the Southeast. Our Maternal DNA belongs to Native American Haplogroup A Which is specifically found in People of American Indian Ancestry and some Asians. They can be distinguished from one another however. My Great Grandmother and her people were some of the last full blood Natives left in Anson County, NC. The photo below is of my Great Aunt who was born in 1879. The descendant from the Pee Dee, Chowanoc, Keyauwee, and possibly Yuchi Indians. My DNA also tied our people to the Ancient Aztec (Nahutl) peoples possibly supporting evidence that there was a connection of Native peoples spanning from the Southeast all the way down into Mexico.

Many of my people, including my mother still use foods such as Squash, Corn, nuts that our ancestors had been using for thousands of years and many other foods until this very day. Much of our history has been wiped out because there was much theft of our land, records were destroyed intentionally through court house fires and our ancestors ceased to be "Indian" anymore and were classed as Mulattos as late as the 1930’s. This is also thanks to a Gentleman who helped destroy the Native American Identity by the name of "Plecker" who was a white racist that operated out of the office of Vital statistics in VA. The old family photos and our DNA clearly say what were are and who our people were. Just like people who are claiming Taino Ancestry and others of Aboriginal decent, there are Native people right here on these shores whose history has to be acknowledged. I am grateful for Dr. Spence Wells and his research which show us that DNA testing in some instances has helped to correct many lies and inaccuracies about Native peoples and their struggle to maintain their Identity especially here in the southeast. I will be writing a book in the future about my research and the struggles my people been through and how our identity was nearly wipe out with this last generation. I made grave efforts to document and preserve or people and a nearly lost legacy.


Shoshone Peguese Elmardi
Genetic Genealogist








From: "Julia Cadenhead" <guragaith@cox.net>
Subject: Yuchi Tribal history
Date: Sun, 6 May 2007 18:21:34 -0500

Hello, I was unable to get through on the email address Steve D. Brown listed a couple years ago. Could you post the following; hopefully Steve will see it and respond. Thank you. Judy guragaith@cox.net

Dear Steve, I read your note on a website and hope you might be able to advise me regarding my search. I have recently exchanged email with Mary Sixwomen Blount and she has been helpful and supportive of my quest.

I have the Death Certificate of "Miss Tish Ann Habbard" who died in Walton County, FL in 1937; born 1858. Father's name is Henry Brown, mother not listed. I am first cousin to her granddaughter, Myrtle who is 85 yrs old. Myrtle remembers stories her granny told her and believes that Tish was Seminole. (Mary Sixwomen and I believe she was Yuchi for several reasons).

As close as I can come to placing Tish Harbord/Habbard is that she MAY be the daughter of Henry Brown and Sarah Harvard based on census records. These records also say that both Tish's parents were born in GA and Tish in FLA.

Mrs Emma (Brown, I think) Suggs said Tish and her family moved to Portland, Walton Co. FL when Tish was a tiny girl (ca just prior to Civil War) Tish, her daughter Polly and 2 grandsons, Walker and William Earnest, are in the 1900 Census for Boggy, Walton Co. In the 1910 Walton County, Sandy Creek (on the Holmes Co line) are Tish and three grandsons (Polly had died in childbirth in 1906) they are the only family on the census page listed as "MU"

Tish was told that (she and grandsons) could go to Oklahoma or to So Florida (ca 1910 - 1918) They went to So Fla; but a hotelkeeper in DeFuniak, Walton Co. went to where they were and bought Tish; she came back to work in his hotel until she died in 1937 while living with one of the grandsons. The two older boys joined the Army and fought in WW I.

Myrtle says the Seminole people contacted her daddy, William Earnest Habbard, in the 1940/50s but he would not discuss matters with them; and, again in the 1970s the Creek people contacted him - again he refused to speak with them. (Myrtle says there was deep seated fear and pain in her daddy.)

Enough, I would so much like to be able for Myrtle to know who/what her ancestry is before she leaves this world for the next. She is now a retired Assembly of God preacher - an amazing soul - an accomplished preacher, I might add. This is about 'belonging'--was she Yuchi, Seminole, Creek, Africian American...as though it matters given the overused term 'tribe' but still I would so like to find this for her.

(Myrtle is the young woman pictured right between the heads of her parents, Carrie Cadenhead Habbard and William Earnest Habbard.)

Thank you for your time and may your efforts for Native Peoples be blessed. Judy Cadenhead, Crestview, FL.

From: "Julia Cadenhead" <guragaith@cox.net>
Subject: Email for euchee.com/yuchimail
Date: Sun, 6 May 2007 18:48:13 -0500

Hello, I am emailing again due your info on Addie GEORGE and her spouse Rufus. Can you direct me to someone who has her family tree. I am the great granddaughter of Melvinie Parthenia GEORGE Cadenhead. She said of herself that she was from the Chickasaw, Choctaw and Cherokee peoples. She was born ca 1862 in Pike Co. Alabama; daughter of Hugh GOERGE.

My father told of combing her hair when he was a little boy...said she would unplait it and drop it over the top of her high backed rocker. As she rocked her hair would pile on the floor. She let him comb it; he would go from standing the squating as he pulled the comb through her hair. For me this is a touching, loving story and saves the wonderful memories I have of my father, now deceased.

I am trying to trace this grandmother's lineage. Any help would be appreciated. Judy from Okaloosa County Florida

From: "Ed Burton" <burtonen@bellsouth.net> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
To: minwells@mail.tds.net
CC: info@drwebman.com
Subject: FW: Yuchi Indian rituals and origin of peoples
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2007 00:22:23 -0500

Forwarded Message [ Download File ]

From: "Ed Burton" <burtonen@bellsouth.net>
To: steve.d.brown@cox.net
Subject: Yuchi Indian rituals and origin of peoples
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2007 00:01:54 -0500

HTML Attachment [ Scan and Save to Computer ]

Dear Steve,
I ran across your email on Euchee.com. sent to Phil about the Yuchi people. I live in SW Georgia about forty miles from Columbus and Ft. Benning.
I am currently working on research for a fiction romance novel I am writing. The time frame of the novel is 1864 before Sherman made his infamous March to the Sea across Georgia.
The heroine of my book, the beautiful, Georgiana Wellington has an English father and a family secret, her mother was a Yuchi Indian. She is forced to keep her heritage hidden by her family in order to marry a wealthy Southern gentleman of English decent. At the beginning of my plot they live in Savannah Georgia, because of the War Between the States she is relocated to her mothers family plantation in Columbus on the Chattahoochee River. This place is called Daggerhorn Plantation. Georgiana decides after moving there to embrace her Yuchi heritage and if any man doesn't like it to hell with him! She learns that her family protects a very sacred relic of the Yuchi people, a stone that proves her people made the transatlantic voyage just as the Yuchi people have always past down through the generations. The stone is very powerful indeed as she discovers.
Now, I won't go into the rest of the plot because I am sure you could care less! ha! ha! ha! It's a love story chic book.
The inspiration for the plot is the famous Manfred Metcalf Stone found in 1968 in Columbus Georgia. I have found very little about the stone on the internet etc. What I have found has fascinated me to the core! Which by the way, I am so sorry much of your heritage remains undocumented, a travesty seeing how I believe the Yuchi discovered America. Thank God a few of the Yuchi people are still living!
There have been several different theories about the stone's origin, all in agreement that the stone is definitely Yuchi. In my novel I have chosen the one that states the stone is Minoan and that your people came from the island of Crete in the Mediterranean. There are several strong points to support this theory, the stone dates to the Bronze period and there is a double-axe in the lower left corner of the stone, a labrys known only as a symbol to the Cretans. I am incorporating Greek Mythology into my story.
Mr. Brown how do you feel about many people believing the Yuchi people came from the island of Crete? Where do you believe your people came from?
My characters are fiction yes, but the stone is very real and I want to portray your people with the highest honor in the book. I need a book on the Yuchi culture, language, rituals and religious beliefs. Can you suggest one to me?
Thank you so much for your work to preserve the Yuchi heritage. I am one of those Anglo American people who feel guilty about how the English treated all Native Americans. Guilty though I personally had no hand in the horrible atrocities inflicted upon them. Same goes for African Americans being slaves long ago, my family never owned any slaves, still I feel a sense of guilt.
Strange isn't it? There are many whites who feel the same way.
God bless you and happy New Year!
Winnie Burton

229-928-3145 Main
229-928-0257 Fax
229-928-8301 Cell
205 17th Green St.
Americus, GA 31709

Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 21:44:03 -0800 (PST)
From: "the frog" <pomogo_frog@yahoo.com >
Subject: Yuchi icon - Here is something you might find interesting

I was looking at this website and they had an icon of a Yuchi men's shirt. I never heard of that so I checked the internet and found your site.

You might be interested in seeing the icon and they have other ones on that site also. It is a Yosemite-Mono Lake Paiute Indian site.



Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 16:30:08 -0800 (PST)
From: "shayla mckin" <phatmodelchick@verizon.net>
Subject: Email for euchee.com/yuchimail

How would I go about finding information on yuchi tribe of tennessee I have reason to believe that we are kin thru my father's mother side.

Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 06:59:54 -0700 (PDT)
From: "john skeeter" <prole43@sbcglobal.net>
Subject: Email for euchee.com/yuchimail

you know that we still practice alot of our old ways. yuchi festival to be held in glenpool, oklahoma the 1st weekend of November 2006

From: "Tracy Brown" <tbrown@enercon.com>
Subject: Email for euchee.com/yuchimail
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2006 21:59:59 -0400

Hi. Your advice is much needed. I would very much appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to answer several questions for an old fool and make him a little less foolish:

1) I am trying to identify the current owner of a unique artifact that was in my uncle’s artifact collection. My search for the owner of this artifact has been very discouraging, and I seem to be getting nowhere fast. My uncle (Malcolm Parker) has been dead for about 13 years. For most of the 20th century, he was one of the most famous artifact collectors in Tennessee. When he died in 1993, his collection was gradually sold to various people, and no records of the sale were kept. The artifact was a flat, irregularly shaped slab (probably limestone) that was about 1.0 square foot in size and maybe 2 inches thick. One side of this stone had a prehistoric incised image on it. The only known picture of this stone and the image on it is a hand drawing of the artifact (see attached photograph above). Pretend you are Sherlock Holmes and you desperately need to find this rock to solve the mystery case of the century. How would you go about doing it?

2) My search so far has mostly been confined to sending e-mails with the attached photograph to collectors and collector organizations such as the Central States Archaeological Society. Responses have been almost nonexistent. The very few answers that have been received are terse (often only one or two words) and are not very friendly or helpful at all---cold, distant, and wary would be more like it. If I didn’t know better (and maybe I don’t know any better), my first inclination is to think that an inquiry like this scares people to death---that they are afraid of something and extremely wary of any request like this from a stranger. However, I cannot figure out why this would be. I would think that collectors would be proud of their collections and eager to show off their finest pieces to interested folks. What’s going on here? What are people so scared of?

3) Is it considered impolite in the collector community to inquire about who owns a particular artifact? Is it like asking someone to unzip their fly at a cocktail party (i.e., something you just don’t do in polite society)?

Please help me out here. I’m getting desperate. By the way, I live in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Thanks!!



From: "Meli Jegasini" <yuchi@cox.net> 
Subject: Email for euchee.com/yuchimail 
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 12:15:21 -0500 

For those who don't already know, Addie George passed away last Friday, June 23, 2006.
Below is a link about her funeral services posted in the "Tulsa World" newspaper today.
As a Cultural Anthropologist, I learned of Addie's attempts to keep the Yuchi culture and language alive while working with Dr. Richard Grounds, director of the "Euchee Language Preservation Project" in Sapulpa, OK. 
Addie taught the history, traditions, and Yuchi language to everyone that had an interest. Though her health was in decline, she held language classes in her home for women with Linda Harjo (also a key staff member of the "Project"). Even shortly before her death, Addie continued to make recordings of the language for future generations with Dr. Grounds. 
Although I never had occasion to meet Addie, I knew many of her immediate family members and friends. Through their eyes, I know she was a woman of integrity, honor, and substance and will be greatly missed. I hope she will stand as a role model for those who strive to keep the Yuchi people united. 
Mary (MAli) Jackson

Oklahoma Deaths for 6/25/2006:
Sapulpa -- Addie George, 94, teacher, died Friday. Evening service 7 p.m. Monday, and funeral 10 a.m. Tuesday, both at Smith Funeral Home Chapel

From: "Meli Jegasini" <yuchi@cox.net>
Subject: Re: Email for euchee.com/yuchimail
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 18:44:02 -0500

I am sorry for not introducing myself and giving a bit of history on how I came to be associated with the Yuchi tribe when I first wrote. No, I am not Yuchi; just a Heinz 57 of Apache, Irish, Scottish, and Cherokee. I am happy to attach a picture, though; Apache bones and Celtic coloring.

My area of specialty in anthropology is Native American spirituality and medicine so I hang out with a lot of elders from various tribes. When I started graduate school I was lucky enough to meet the Yuchi people, by way of Richard Grounds.

Collectively, the Yuchi people are probably the nicest group of people I have ever met. From the beginning they were sincerely open and warm in every way; inviting me to Picket Chapel (their church) and to the wonderful dinners there each month. I spent a lot of hours in Mose and Thelma Cahwee's home recording history and language.

Mose was great friends with Charles Chibitty (now deceased, too) and they used to tease me all the time by telling me tall tales. Then they would tell me the truth as they chuckled. Of course my attempt at learning Yuchi brought about many embarrassments as I stumbled with the wrong words but, again, it just gave Mose a great laugh. Mose was a great Yuchi historian. He introduced me to Yuchi plants and told me which ones were used for specific ailments. He also introduced me to sofke (safke, sofkie, or however you like to spell it) and Thelma Cahwee taught me about sour cornbread (yummy stuff). I considered them very good friends and still see the family on occasion today. Ironically, I now own a business just a couple of blocks from their language program in Sapulpa.

Sadly, I don't think I have a picture of Addie but I am sure I can get one from Richard, Linda, or some of the family members. I will scan it in for you if I get one. I think it would be great for you to post something of a tribute to this great lady. She did so much to try and teach others the Yuchi language and way of life. It is such a heart-wrenching thing to hear news that an elder has died in any culture but in one that has so few speakers, such as the Yuchis, it is a hard thing to swallow.

By the way, some of the comments I read on your site were a bit brutal but you just have to brush them off. Think of them as coming from people who haven't been exposed to the knowledge that you have, yet. Due to your efforts, and the people who share their stories on your site, more people will be united as a tribe. I think they site serves more than the Native community, too. Native Americans are not the only people with cultures in danger. I dare say that "Other Americans" know a whole lot more about Native tribes than they know about their own. The only way we are discovering more about our bands and tribes in Scotland is to dig up our ancestors. If you leave them in place then you will never know who they belong to. How can you identify something you have never looked at? I do, however, have issues with removing people from their original burial sites. Once they have been identified as belonging to a specific tribe or band, put them back in the original positions (artifacts intact) and let them be. They don't belong in a box in a museum basement.

Better hop off here now,

Thanks Phil,

Meli Jegasini [pronounced like "may-lee jay-gah-seen-knee"]

This is my Cherokee name for Mary Jackson but not my Cherokee given name. That would be "head like the sun". In Yuchi my name is MAli...sounds the same [may-lee], just spelled differently.

Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 08:16:44 -0700 (PDT) 
From: "john pace" <rvd520@yahoo.com> 
Subject: email from euchee.com/yuchimail 

ok. you seem to be well informed. maybe you can help
us. we are descended from DANIEL SMITH HELTON/HILTON.
from the mouse creek area at the time of removal.
1825-1830. they say he was a chief of some sort and an
euchee/cherokee interpreter.was born down there in
1788. he signed the emigration roll with MAJ JOHN
WALKER.. also on the roll. any help would be hugely
appreciated. thanks. john

Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2006 10:38:25 -0600 
From: "Medicine Bag Project" <medicinebag@webound.com> 
Subject: Ani-Kutani/Yuchi 


I have just come across your site ( http://www.euchee.com/yuchimail ) and find it very interesting. I am working with a very small group of Keetoowah/Ani-Yunwiya/An-Kutani. We are very much aware of the misinformation and the politically correct version of so called Indian history. Those of us that are currently meeting are from many different states. We have a meeting planned 
sometime in the late spring.

The interest for me and several others in the Yuchi connection is the Ani-Kutani. Even though most Cherokee recognize that the sacred traditions of our people can be found within those following the old Keetoowah ways, the truth is that the Ani-Kutani were the bringers of that truth (this is not in dispute by anyone). These Ani-Kutani (of which 
I descend) were Yuchi according to Chief Samuel W. Brown Jr. and many others. This information alone changes everything.

The killing of Yuchi by the cherokee has been passed down for generations by cherokee elders as being an event that happened anciently because of a corrupt priesthood (Ani-Kutani). Though few in number we now know this to be false, at least in part. According to Chief Brown Jr. this happened in the year 1760. When we look at what transpired within the Chickamauga Confederacy under Dragging Canoe, The raven, Bowles, Tachi etc. it becomes clear that they were defending the sacred homeland against both the Cherokee and the United States of which he (Dragging Canoe) declared war on both.

I do not mean to go on and on, however this information is very critical if we are to preserve the truth. I look forward to your response.


Subject: yuchi natives 
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 13:14:24 -0600 
From: "Susan Long" <slong@andrews.esc18.net> 

I was going through your web site, and my father-in-law is someone you need to visit with...He is one of the very last Purebreds left of the Yuchi people. He speaks Yuchi very fluently. His full name is Louis William Long. I will get the exact spellings of his parents. He lives in Andrews, Texas. He is now 78 years old. Let me know if you might be interested in him.

From: Foxworth00@aol.com 
Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2005 02:52:06 EDT 
Subject: email from euchee.com/yuchimail 
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I just did this research and I have many unanswered questions. My Grandfather J.B. Foxworth still lives in Northwest Florida and is 95 this year, he was born on the Yuchi (Euchee) Reservation in 1910. My great-great grandmother was a MacClendon from that same area. I am trying to find out any and all information on my family. My family is lighter skinned and my grandfather has very blue eyes I am the tallest one in my family and I am 5'9. I have been unable to prove my heritage. I would appreciate any information you can give me.
Tim Foxworth

From: Pjkellyville@aol.com
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2005 16:58:54 EDT
Subject: (no subject)
To: info@drwebman.com
I enjoyed reading your wedsite. I'm Euchee Indian from bristow,Ok. My grandparents were also from Bristow, Ok. You are correct about a handful knowing the euchee language. However we do hold Euchee Classes in Sapulpa,Ok (or use to). If you could contact Richard Grounds of Sapulpa he is a anthpolist (spelled wrong)professor at OU and has many years in the study of the Euchee people as well. I don't have his email address but I can get it. You sound correct but many directions of where we came from confusion the matter. Hope this helps you. If you want to see a Euchee Greencorn Festival it's this weekend and you could talk to most anyone you like about their folks who was kin to tim bernard and etc. Some from Texas, Okla. Let me know and I can give you more on the weekend event. Many well be dressed in Euchee dress and dances. And Creeks as well. pj

From: Pjkellyville@aol.com
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2005 17:11:21 EDT 
Subject: (no subject) 

O, yes I did I mention that a lot of Euchee's or Yuchi live in the surrounding areas and that may 1,500( more or less) are left and we are on the list of extinct. I'll send more information later/ thanks for your interest. Are you Euchee?

One last bit of information is that Cosena Barnard was a prominent Yuchi Leader in the Creek Nation, His grandson was the lated Jesse Allen which was my Great Grandfather which a one time in lived in Slick near Bristow. This is all Oklahoma history however I do have a copy of his US Marshall Cert.  (the year 1870)see ya

From: Pjkellyville@aol.com 
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2005 18:42:42 EDT
Subject: (no subject)

And I wanted to tell you Cosena Barnard-his Great Grandson was the Late Jesse Allen who lived five mles east of Bristow. My grandmother's maiden name is and was Allen, Jesse Allen her grandfather her dad was Abraham Allen. There are many groups of Euchee's that go many directions but this is the one I am from. Write when you can.

To: info@drwebman.com
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 19:56:48 -0500



From: "Margaret Fleenor" <mfleenor@earthlink.net> 
Subject: email from euchee.com/yuchimail 
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 02:03:27 -0400 

I enjoyed reading your material on the Yuchi Indians very much. I am presently writing the history of my paternal family (Scalf) at www.scalf-family.org   
One of our earlier family members (not my direct line) married Samuel Brown, Jr., Chief of the Yuchi. Her name was Mattie Mae Payne. 
Thank you for your valuable information. 

From: WOLFHAWAII@aol.com
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 02:07:08 EDT 
Subject: email from euchee.com/yuchimail 

Aloha Phil, I wanted to commend you on your site that provides info on the Yuchi people; however, i must take exception to the article that leads off your website regarding relic hunting and the desecration of native graves for artifact collection or any other purpose. Although many misguided people have engaged in this behavior in the past and some continue to do so, this is morally outrageous and is a felony under federal law (NAGPRA). Please either remove this article in its entirety or add appropriate verbage which makes clear that desecration of graves is unacceptable and illegal. I would appreciate a response as to what action you intend to take.
My own ancestors are from the area where you live; they lived near the Prospect community on the Monroe/McMinn line. It is possible they may have had Yuchi and or Natchez ancestry in addition to the reported Cherokee ancestry, interesting to speculate upon but probably unprovable. What is your connection to the Yuchi people?
Aloha, Steve Shimanek

Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 08:25:31 -0700 (PDT) 
From: "Phil Lea" <drwebman@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: email from euchee.com/yuchimail 
To: WOLFHAWAII@aol.com 
CC: "Phil Lea" <cc@phillea.com> 

Aloha Steve,
I can understand how this past practice could be upsetting to some. But, as stated on my website, this article was copied from my high school newspaper, "The Chilhowee Star", back in 1967 (thirty-eight years ago!) Do you not agree the information gained by past excavations have given us all valuable information on the history of the Yuchi we would have never known otherwise??????
I grew up here in Southeast TN (and have never lived farther than 40 miles from my birthplace) .My great-grandmother was a "Native American".
(I presently live near the Monroe/McMinn line!)
Thanks for writing and "hang loose",

From: WOLFHAWAII@aol.com 
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 13:54:55 EDT 
Subject: Re: email from euchee.com/yuchimail 

Aloha Phil and thanks for replying...
I do not agree that anything is learned by encouraging high school kids 38 years ago to go digging up burial mounds. Most indians do not want any level of disturbance to the graves of their ancestors; I at least can see some limited benefit to knowledge in investigating sites discovered in the course of a public project, such as those found at Townsend during the road work several years ago. However this should be done by highly trained professionals under the advise of tradtional minded Indians; and remains reinterred as quickly as possible. The fact that grave robbing of Indian burials was once acceptable by white society does not make it right, and i do not see how that article from your high school newspaper enhances your website or understanding of the Yuchi people . They are not extinct, you know...i ate and danced with them at their Green Corn celebration in OK last year. Why not replace that article with something that states that a lot of important information regarding the history of the Yuchi people was learned through site excavations by trained professionals in accordance with federal law and common decency (if that is the case?) I do not hear too much clamor for folks to go digging up the graves of the Jamestown or Plymouth colonists.... there is still a persistent beleif in white society that somehow Indian are less than human and this justifies the lack of respect accorded to them and their remains and material culture. As a website publisher you are in a position to help educate people on this issue and so you should. You say your greatgrandmother was a Native American......was she Indian? If so, what would she want you to do? What will you do? Wado, Steve


I mis-typed in my previous email. It was my Great-Great-Grandmother and she was a full Cherokee from this area. So, some of those relics and bones found in Polk County may be more related to me than to you, Steve. 

"I believe the soul leaves the body when we die and what remains is devoured by the earth and it's creatures." (Phil Lea )
(One may choose not to believe in a soul, but no one can sanely deny the latter part of my statement.) 

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust." (God)

Why is it okay for a dog or other critter to dig up and gnaw on a bone, but if a WHITE MAN finds and preserves it?????
I'll tell you why! Because damn liberals are screwing up this country! I guess young country boys will soon be sentenced to death for picking up an arrowhead because it violates some Federal Law!?!?!?.
I am sick of modern WHITE MEN being the bad guys in this liberal, democrat, pop, media, Hollywood, Sean Penn, Jane Fonda, Cindy Sheehan, tree-hugging, etc... dominated culture! 
(See my website: www.FormerDemocrat.com )

(I also don't think the Washington Redskins, or any other team named after Indians, should be pressured to change their name.) 


Note to self. "Maybe I should just delete this website, so I won't cause anyone else to get their panties (cotton or fur) in a wad!"

From: "frankie overstreet" <frankie@swain.main.nc.us>
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Genealogy 
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 20:56:04 -0400 

At one time, when lands near Columbus and Ft. Benning, GA were supposedly being returned to the Yuchi people (about 45 or 50 years ago), my grandmother told me we are Yuchi. She was born 17 Dec, 1909 in Gilmer Co., GA. Her parents were from Gilmer and Pickens Counties, and before that, South Carolina. family names include Townsend, Sanford, Padgett, Goss, Jenkins, and Quarles. Mama was a tiny little woman, only 4'11" tall and about 85 lbs., but very strong and mean as a snake when situations warranted it. She looked VERY Indian. Are there records to be researched, or any way to find out about our heritage? Her parents were born during the time when "being Indian got you dead", so it wasn't talked about much. But it was passed down to the children when they were old enough to be quiet about it. Can you point me to a starting place, at least? Your website is the first info I have found on the Yuchi, and I've been hunting for YEARS.
Thank you,
Frankie Jewell Overstreet

Gracie Jewell Pauline Townsend
(little girl holding the baby)

Gracie Jewell Pauline Townsend
as an adult

From: Phil Lea 
To: frankie overstreet 
Sent: Friday, April 08, 2005 9:25 PM
Subject: Re: Genealogy

Hi Frankie,
I just sort of stumbled across info on the Yuchi and put this site together as a tribute to your tribe.
You may want to contact some of the others that have emailed me and I've posted their email there.
Would you like for me to post your email there in case anyone wants to give you info?????
Do you want to send a pic of yourself, too?
Thanks for writing,
Phil Lea

frankie overstreet <frankie@swain.main.nc.us> wrote:
Yes, please post my e-mail. I don't have a scanner, so can't send a pic (it would probably scare folks, anyway!LOL). But I would love to hear from anyone who is interested.

From: Phil Lea 
To: frankie overstreet 
Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2005 12:51 PM
Subject: Re: Genealogy

Hi Frankie,
Do you want to send me another email, wording it to ask for information or do you want me to print it as is?
Do you have any pics of your grandmother? You can take them to Walmart (and other places), they'll scan them and put them on a disc for you. That way you can email them.
Or, you can send them in a stamped, self-addressed envelope and I'll return them after I scan them.
ps: I can't get any Yuchi's to send a pic! (ha)

From: "frankie overstreet" <frankie@swain.main.nc.us> 
Subject: Re: Genealogy 
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2005 18:56:07 -0400 

You can post as is, if you like. First chance I get, I'll head for WalMart. I have pictures of Mama as a young woman, and a little older. She was only 57 when she died of pneumonia, after a massive stroke. That was 7 Feb., 1966.

From: "Turtlecreek" <turtlecreek@softcom.net> 
Subject: Yuchi 
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 20:21:28 -0800 

My name is Glenda Aitkens and I am hoping you may help me get some information for my fathers genealogy. My father grew up in Bixby and Broken Arrow Oklahoma. I know most of his family originally came from Tenn., Georgia and No Carolina, moved into Ark and then settled in Ok. My father speaks often of the Stomp Dances he attended while a young boy and continued to attend quite often while growing up. I know he was going to stomp when he lived in the Bixby Ok area which would have been in the 1920’s and early 1930’s. 

We know he and his family were Native American but it was never really discussed with us. We assumed Cherokee until lately. I was told by an elder living in Ok that in the area dad lived there were two stomp grounds, Concharty Mountain and Duck Creek. Dad says he remembers both those names. The elder also informed me that they were not Cherokee Stomp grounds that they were Yuchi. He also said that if dad was going in the 20s and early 30s that he belonged there. That he must have had ties to the Yuchi through one of his parents.

My father is now 80 years old and of he and his siblings he is the youngest. Due to their ages their memories have faded and they can not remember any details. My father wants me to find out all I can to share with him and the family

I attend pow wow regularly and have many many friends in the Native American community 

But none of them know anything about the Yuchi or where I would go for help.

At this point I am at a loss. I do not know where to turn from here. I would appreciate any help or suggestions you may have. I would really love to solve this mystery so I can share with my father while I can.

Thank you so very much,

Glenda Aitkens
13435 Bennett Rd
Herald, Ca 95638
Email: turtlecreek@softcom.net 

From: "Steve D. Brown" <steve.d.brown@cox.net> 
Subject: Re: Information on the Yuchi Tribe 
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 05:43:28 -0600 

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Phil Lea 
To: Steve D. Brown 
Sent: Monday, December 06, 2004 12:45 PM
Subject: Re: Information on the Yuchi Tribe

Hello Steve,
May I paste your email on my Yuchi site?
Thank you so much for it,

"Steve D. Brown" <steve.d.brown@cox.net> wrote:

Dear Phil,
I would like to introduce myself. My name is Steve D. Brown. I am currently the Fourth Chief at Polecat ceremonial grounds located at Kellyville, Ok. My father James D. Brown Jr. is the First Chief and Lewis Brown, is our second Chief and Paige White, is our Third Chief. 
My wife has discovered your website from her current hobby of genealogy. I have read through the threads on your website and found some things to be intriguing. There are a lot of questions that I am sure can be answered in time.
I do know some of the contemporary people that have been discussed in the threads. I even see my cousin Kevin has sent a message from Oklahoma.
I am from the same string of Brown's that was spoken of previously. However, my family lines come from John Brown's brother, Clarence Brown ( Yah-lah-ne). My grandfather, James D. Brown Sr. (Clarence's son), was the last member of my immediate family that spoke the Yuchi language fluently. He passed away in 1996. Although, he has left my family and our small tribe a legacy of language and customs, as did Mose Cahwee, Dimmie Washburn and others. All have since passed. I do know that we have several enthusiastic people in our band, most of which are fighting to keep our language alive. I am responding in hopes to open up a line of communication to people that are not privy to our available resources, and also to know more about what's going on in the original "Homeland". I might not know everything, but I could possibly direct questions to the correct people.
My personal hope is that we in Oklahoma, could find out more about what is happening in the Southeast region, or could possibly even help in some way with things that might be of importance to our tribe. 
I did notice that Charles Dean is helping in the preservation of our language. If hasn't already, he might want to contact Greg Biglar or Richard Grounds here in Oklahoma.
I think it is very interesting to see that there are others that are finding the Yuchi people interesting. I know that it is flattering that a small forgotten group can captivate some people. 
I hope to hear from someone, like I said, I don't claim to know it all, but I can point people in the right direction.
A little side note, I think it is either Speck's book or Swanton's book, but there is a picture of John and Clarence Brown's Dad, his name was James Conpasienny Brown, he was a big part of their research. (Conpasienny= Little finger). I believe it was Speck.
My email address is steve.d.brown@cox.net, if there are any questions or stories I would like to hear them, I myself can trade a few Yuchi stories, customs, and such that I have learned over the years.
Sahn-lay guyah-so-da,

Subject: The Euchee Indians of Northwest Florida 
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 10:15:02 -0400 
From: "Ellis, Alan W." <ellisa@ocps.k12.fl.us> 

I did my family genealogy (McDonalds from the Isle of Skye) and found most of my Scottish relatives moved to the Euchee Valley. It's a small area south of Defuniak Springs, in Northwest Florida. It's extremely hard to find. My ancestors built the first Presbyterian Church there in the 1800's and quickly made friends with the Euchee Indians. One of my great great aunts was a Euchee Indian. Unfortunately, when the march of the Cherokee and Creek Indians to Okalahoma came about, many of her family left or went south to join the Seminoles. That's all I know about this group, other than I am told she had blue eyes and lighter skin so she didn't go to Okalahoma. It's sad to think what we did to these people. The Euchee Indians were very friendly and helpful to these Scottish settlers into their land.
Alan Ellis
Orlando, Florida

Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 14:54:58 -0400 
From: phyrefly2004@netscape.net 
Subject: Yuchi Language 

Dear Phil Lea,

You are welcome to post this on your message board for Yuchi:

I am in the process of helping to revive the Yuchi language. Anyone 
else who is interested in this may contact me at phyrefly2004@netscape.net 
and I will reply as soon as possible. In the near future, there should 
be a webpage dedicated to some Yuchi vocabulary and a few notes on 
pronunciation, grammar, folklore and history.

Charles Dean

Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 10:30:34 -0700 (PDT) 
From: "albert borgman" <rastenborg@yahoo.com> 
Subject: Yuchi 

The Hogologe seem to have some impact on me. I grew up in Clemson, SC and spent all of my weekends in Candler, NC way up in the Hominy Valley. The name is Borgman as the U.S. government has stated. Records in Germany show Borgmann in Potsdam, Borchmann in Genthin Church records , and Borgmans as a shepard in Neuermark? The land there would might be good for sheep or goats. The acorns could keep a hog or Boar/Bor going. The water there was god for releasing the nutrients from corn or hominy if soaked. I seem to have been associated with the Hogologe or Boar due to the name similarity. (Not that I know of) But on reading your article on the Yuchi a mystery is solved. 

In Exile
AFD Borgman Esq.
The Citadel 78
Clemson Corps 79 

Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 17:08:54 -0800 (PST) 
From: "Renee Smith" <southernbull5@yahoo.com>
Subject: Yuchi Indians In Midville, GA 
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

We recently purchased a piece of property on the Ogeechee River near Midville, Georgia. We have found many pieces of flint and neighbors have found arrowheads in this area. Someone suggested that perhaps the Yuchi Indians had settled in this area years ago. We are located approximately 55 miles south of Augusta, GA. I found your name on a Yuchi Indian website and wondered if you had ever heard of these indians settling in this area. any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, 
Renee' Smith.

Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 19:42:05 -0800 (PST) 
From: "Beth R" <anonii48@yahoo.com>
Subject: Euchee's 
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I just stumbled across your website and found it extremely interesting! I have searched for my family's history, but never done a search just on Euchee's.

One of my cousin's (Ida Clinton-Riley) portrait was painted and hangs in the Smithsonian Institute as part of a collection of Indian History. She was painted as a representative of the Euchee tribe. Being one of the few Full-Blood Euchees, she still spoke the language (as well as Cherokee) until her death. 
I have another cousin who recorded her, but to date I have not heard the tapes nor obtained a copy.

Like most I grew up believing I was "Creek" Indian. It wasn't until my move to Oklahoma 12 yrs ago that I learned the truth. 

Recently during family research I came across my Grandmother's obituary. She was of English-German heritage from Virginia. She came to Oklahoma with her Father as a teenager. She married my Grandfather, a full blood Euchee. She died in 1932.
In her obituary the newspaper referred to my Grandfather as: "an incompetent Indian"
It was greatly disturbing to see in print the tactless way we (Indians) were treated. 
I have heard numerous stories of the years of the abuse my Grandfather suffered. It was terrible to see some of it in print. He was such a quiet and gentle man.

Thank you for the additional information you provided regarding the Euchee (Yuchi) heritage.
If anyone would like to correspond with additional information, I would greatly appreciate it.

Beth Roberts
Tulsa, Ok

From: "Vic E. Bentley" <harborms@bellsouth.net>  

Subject: email from euchee.com/yuchimail
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 10:58:36 -0500

Thank you for this site and the information that you have provided on the Uchee indians. I am involved in a historical and archeological 'scouting expedition' in Georgia due to a power line construction project. We, simply a group of local residents, are working to protect our historical and archeological sites. We have found some large quartz stone piles and a large quart stone mound; the quart stones were carefully selected for color, and we do not believe that these sites are simply the result of farmers clearing fields. Entering 'quartz stone mounds' on a search engine led me to the Yuchi indians. There are supposedly similar quartz mounds in Taliaferro County, GA.

Does anyone have any knowledge of these stone piles or mounds and what purpose they served?

Vic E. Bentley

From: "JTyler" <jet4@earthlink.net>  

Subject: Yuchis at Callabee Creek
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 2:14:14 -0500
Major Timpoochee Barnard and the Yuchi troops at the 1814 Battle of Callabee Creek were under the command of General Floyd - Floyd's command was mostly GA militia and entered Red Stick territory via Fort Mitchell, (close to the Chattahoochee River, a little south of present day Columbus, GA) Andrew Jackson was no where near Callabee Creek when the battle was fought - the engagement could easily have turned into a major victory for the Upper Creeks as they almost cut off the artillery from Floyd's main camp....it was the Yuchi counter charge lead by Major Barnard that saved the artillery and the American force from being routed. As it was, Floyd retired to Fort Mitchell after the engagement. 
Later Barnard participated in the operations in Florida - but Patty Car was in command of the Yuchi contingents. Barnard did not remove to Oklahoma, but died in the Chattahoochee Valley and was buried in the military cemetery at Fort Mitchell. 

J Tyler 
Stone Mountain, GA

From: DBall39539@aol.com
Subject: Comments on Euchee (Yuchi) history
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 12:46:20 EST

Memo to: Mr. Phil Lea

Dear Mr. Lea:

      I thought the following text of an E-mail recently sent to Dr. Jason Baird Jackson, author of Yuchi Ceremonial Life (2003, University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln), might be of passing interest to you.


Dear Dr. Jackson:

      It is with great interest that I recently received and have been reading your book on "Yuchi Ceremonial Life." In marked contrast to your studies of contemporary Yuchi society, as an archaeologist my interest in the Yuchi begins at the far end of the temporal spectrum. During the past year, I have writing a book concerned with the archaeology of Middle Tennessee. Along the reaches of the central Cumberland Valley are a number of prehistoric sites associated with what is commonly termed the "Middle Cumberland Culture" which flourished and ultimately faded during the period ca. AD 1050-1450. Although the primary focus on my study is devoted to the purely archaeological materials in the central portion of the state, it seemed more than appropriate to me to investigate the nagging question, "What happened to them?"

      As these remarks relate to the Yuchi, some years ago Madeline Kneberg (1952:198; see also Lewis and Kneberg 1958:148-149) of the  University of Tennessee speculated that the origins of the Yuchi in historic southeastern Tennessee lay with a migration of the people of the Middle Cumberland Culture to the Hiwassee River area. Since the early excavations of Lewis and Kneberg reported in their book entitled "Hiwassee Island," more contemporary dating places the Mouse Creek Phase (not "Focus," a now descriptive obsolete term) at ca. AD 1400-1650. In the totality of their archaeological writings referable to that region, Lewis and Kneberg identified a total of six (6) Mouse Creek Phase sites. Four of these were situated along the lower and central reaches of the Hiwassee River. Two others were identified along the Tennessee river in Roane and Rhea counties, respectively (to my knowledge, these two sites have not been formally reported). Unfortunately, the "definition" of this phase was severely lacking in detail but in general terms is based upon village plan, extended burials, house types, and ceramic styles.

Kneberg, Madeline
1952        The Tennessee Area. In Archeology of Eastern United States, edited by James B. Griffin, pp. 190-199, Figs. 102-111. University of Chicago Press, Chicago.

Lewis, Thomas M. N. and Madeline Kneberg
1958       Tribes That Slumber: Indians of the Tennessee Region. University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville (reprinted 1960, 1965).

      By the way, as a minor correction to your book, Lewis and Kneberg's "Hiwassee Island" was published in 1946, not 1949 as you state (this was reprinted in 1970).

      The general consensus of most regional archaeologists is that Lewis and Kneberg were likely correct (note the modifier "likely") in their attribution of the Mouse Creek Phase to the Yuchi. Despite their claims that this phase was derived from Middle Tennessee, they did not publish a detailed statement justifying this claim and my own studies have yet failed to convince me that that was the case. Two related sources you might also like to examine are:

Mason, Carol Irwin
1963       Comments on Mouse Creek-Yuchi Identification. American Antiquity 28(4): 550-551.
1963     A Reconsideration of Westo-Yuchi Identification. American Anthropologist 65(6):1342-1345.

      As it further relates to Yuchi history, more recent research in northwestern Georgia has suggested that the Mouse Creek Phase was not restricted to the Hiwassee River Valley. Research into the late prehistoric/early historic Coosa chiefdom may be of particular interest to you in this regard. This research has been reported in the following sources:

Hudson, Charles M., Marvin T. Smith, David J. Halley, Richard Polhemus, and Chester B. DePratter
1985        Coosa: A Chiefdom in the Sixteenth Century. American Antiquity 50(4): 723-737.

Smith, Marvin T.
2000    Coosa: The Rise and Fall of a Southeastern Mississippian Chiefdom. University of Florida Press, Gainesville.

A very intriguing study of one of the Mouse Creek sites in NW Georgia is:

Blakely, Robert L. (editor)
1988    The King Site: Continuity and Contact in Sixteenth-Century Georgia. University of Georgia Press, Athens and London.

The Blakely volume examines the evidence for a visit to this site by the De Soto expedition with dire consequences to the folks who lived there. The King site was part of the Coosa chiefdom.

      I would note that in your book you also attribute Dallas Phase archaeological material to the Koasati. I doubt this is the case. If anything, the Dallas were likely related to the Creek though this has not been definitively proven by any means (this might, however, lend some degree of credence to the long standing political ties between the Yuchi and Creeks). To my knowledge, historically there was minimal Koasati presence in Tennessee. I am influence in this by:

Swanton, John R.
1930       The Kaskinampo Indians and Their Neighbors. American Anthropologist 32(1):405-418.

      Please be assured, my comments are in no manner intended to critical of your truly valuable work on a regrettably long ignored tribe (in this, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and I have radically differing opinions!). I have long wondered why more attention was not directed to the Yuchi -- they are certainly deserving of it.

      Would you by chance be aware of a solid historical study of the early Yuchi (preferably one still in print)? The long article by J. Joseph Bauxer (which you cite) is the best study of their early history of which I am aware.

      I wish you all success with both your book and ongoing research. If I might attempt to provide any additional details on my comments, please let me know. I think it would be thrilling indeed to "push" Yuchi history back to ca. AD 1050 but such an effort must have a truly firm foundation rather than wild and unfounded speculation.


Donald B. Ball
Archaeologist, MA, RPA
312 Iowa Avenue
Louisville, KY 40208-1427

From : Tyralis1974@aol.com 
To : xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject : descendant of a forgotten line 
Date : Sat, 9 Aug 2003 20:23:54 EDT 
thank you for providing information about my tribe!!  I am Addie George's great-granddaughter, and for a very long time in my life as I was growing up I thought I was Creek.  This is due to the fact that the Yuchi tribe has no federal "recognition" as a sovereign nation.  So those of us who aren't told by our elders that we are part of a disappearing people have no way of knowing where we come from. 

It saddens me to know, also, that there are many Yuchis out there who have no knowledge of their separate identity from the Creek tribe.  I myself didn't know how diverse we are culturally from the Creeks.  I have been to my family's stomp grounds and seen the dances and regalia and now I know we are a people with our own language and identity and customs. 

If you could possibly ask Mrs. Penny Rogers to mail you any information she's obtained from my Goloha (grandmother) Mrs. Addie George I would really love to have a look at my family's legacy. 

Susan Baker

From : OneRedHorse@aol.com  
To : xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject : Medicine man 
Date : Sat, 9 Aug 2003 20:46:30 EDT 

Do you have any info on a Yuchi medicine man , Lynch , healer of animals. I think he exist now. Any info I would appreciate .

Thank You 

One Red Horse 

From : "Randy Byars" <NailsHammr@msn.com
To : <info@drwebman.com> 
Subject : pictures of a site in AL 
Date : Fri, 9 May 2003 14:29:30 -0400 

I recently found a friend with a digital camera and took him to take 
pictures of a site in AL that might be of interest to Yuchi. I will 
try to get them to you when i hook up with my friend again.

Do you know anything about the 3 artists?

From : pare bowlegs <seminole1753@yahoo.com
To : xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject : Yuchi site. 
Date : Sun, 29 Dec 2002 17:10:42 -0800 (PST) 

I came across your site, and found the stone and inscriptions interesting. 

I would like to add a few things, if you don't mind.
In our language, the word "tennesse" does exist. It
means "to trade". Another word also in our language,
is "kentvke", which means something that is "scrubby".
It may refer to the vegetation in the state of

You said that the word Tvlahasse literally translates
to "Old Fire". Tot-kv(tote-kuh)= fire, and Tvlwv
translates to "town" and Etvlwv = tribe. 

Pare Bowlegs-
Semvnole Rewahle/Tvsekiyv Haco Etvlwv
Echasweke mvliketv momen Katcvlke kepayv

From : "Judy & Curtis Long" <jlong@earthlink.net
To : <info@drwebman.com> 
Subject : Euchee Boarding School 
Date : Wed, 1 Jan 2003 13:52:38 -0600 

I found your website from a search engine for the Euchee. While I was a
grad student at Oklahoma State University in Museum Studies I did research
on the Euchee Boarding School that was located in Sapulpa, OK. The boarding
school was founded because the Yuchi did not want to learn Creek to learn
English and the Creek did not want to learn Yuchi, too difficult they said,
to teach the children English.
While the physical buildings are no longer standing, I found the spirit of
the school alive and well in the alumni. I had the privilege of attending
their reunion in October, 2002. I also plan to present a paper on the
school at the Oklahoma Historical Society annual meeting in Guthrie, OK in
I have found the Yuchi people to be warm and appreciative. Their chairman,
Andrew Skeeter, was very helpful in my initial contacts with the Yuchi.

Curtis G. Long

From : BagdadBoy@aol.com 
To : xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject : Yuchi/Euchee 
Date : Wed, 26 Feb 2003 23:58:14 EST 


I am doing a research paper at the University of West Florida on the 
Euchee Indians of Walton County, Florida. They were here from the 
1600s, until 1832. I am having a lot of trouble finding any 
information on the origins of the Euchees. Can you direct me 
somewhere I can get more information?

There is a Euchee Indian Chief, Sam Story (Timpoochee Kinnard) 
buried in the Euchee Valley in Red Bay, Florida. The Scots erected a 
headstone in his honor. It is a mile into the woods and forgotten. 
I can send you my research if you like.

Can you help?

Thanks, Josh Wilks

From : Jlhenderson22@aol.com 
To : xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject : Yuchi 
Date : Sat, 15 Feb 2003 01:18:47 EST 

Phil...do you have any information on the band that was in the Green 
River area around Bowling Green in about 1790-1810? 

From : "stafford" <stafford@cox.net> 
To : <info@drwebman.com> 
Subject : response to 2002-06-23 snail mail-- listed on your response sight 
Date : Wed, 16 Oct 2002 18:47:20 -0500 

My name is John D. Stafford. I am Yuchi/Creek indian and I live in 
Yukon, Ok. The mail I read from your response 2002-06-23 I believe, 
is refering to my great grandfather John Brown, Yuchi Chief of Duck 
Creek. If your responder is correct, I would love to have any audio 
tapes of Grandpaw Brown. I know he made some for Addie George.

Anybody with info please contact me at 

From : "Martha" <martha@alaweb.com> 
To : <info@drwebman.com> 
Subject : Yuchi (Euchee) 
Date : Sun, 17 Nov 2002 05:59:26 -0600 (Central Standard Time) 

Attachment : IMSTP.gif (1k), 2377_img.jpg (22k) 

Dear Sir:
I just found out that I am not of the Creek Indians Nation but 
I am from Euchee ( Yuchi) Indians. The spelling I was given 
was Euchee but what little I have been able to find out it is 
also also spelled Yuchi. Can you advise which is the correct 
spelling. I was given little information about the tribe other 
than the fact that they were a war making tribe.
Is their any where I can look to see the true nature of the 
Thank you for the information on your web sight.
My e-mail address is: jherb@alaweb.com
Thank you in advance for your time.
Jack Herbert

From : Talamachusee@aol.com 
To : xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject : Hello from a Yuchi descendant in Talking Rock, GA 
Date : Wed, 11 Jun 2003 12:20:27 EDT 

Hi David!

Thought you would be interested in what one descendant of the 
Yuchi's, who stayed home, is up to. There is so much we don't 
know about our Yuchi and Creek heritage in Tennessee and 
Georgia...and might never know. Your article on the website is 
excellent though.

See my new educational website - www.native-pottery.com

Have a blessed day!


2002-07-22 email:

From : KESAD5R@aol.com
To : info@drwebman.com
Subject : Yuchi
Date : Mon, 22 Jul 2002 03:17:29 EDT

Dear Sir,
My name is Kevin Rowe. I live in a small town 14 miles outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was browsing the web and came across your Yuchi link. I myself am over 1/2 Yuchi. My grandfather is the late Mose Cahwee, he was a full-blood Yuchi. I thought the article about Tennessee's name was very interesting. Here in Sapulpa, Oklahoma our small band of Yuchis are trying to preserve our culture, because off of the top of my head I can only think of three people that speak Yuchi fluently. I just wanted to say "Yes, the Yuchi people are still here." If you would like to reply my e-mail is KESAD5R@aol.com

2002-06-23 Snail Mail

Phil Lea
Athens, TN

Mr. Lea:

My husband, John Rogers, M.D., printed out some pages of infor from your website re: Yuchi Indian history.

I am just now taking the time to read some of it.

We live in Buena Vista, Ga., about 30 miles east of Columbus, Ga. There is a museum in Columbus. The Columbus Museum. In the 1970's, Chief Brown, Yuchi, from Oklahoma, allowed his memories to be put on tape by Dr. Joseph Mahom of the museum. As far as I know, they have never been transcribed and there seems to be a trunk full. The last I heard, they were still at the museum.

Mrs. Addie George, Yuchi , had a small office at the museum in the section that exhibited Yuchi artifacts, clothing, etc. While there she created the first Yuchi alphabet for her people. She and others could speak their language, but it had never been broken down phonetically and put to paper. She did this.

She also taught me to create beadwork, using homemade wooden looms, thread, waxed thread and beads. My husband and I, in turn, taught a couple of generations of cub scouts, boy scouts, explorer scouts and interested folks how to do beadwork.

Mrs. George and relatives return almost yearly to the Columbus area for ceremonies of one type or the other.

"The Secret, America in World History before Columbus" written by Joseph B. Mahan copyright 1983 may still be available from the gift shop at the museum. He published the book himself and is deceased.

Thought some of this may be of interest to you.

Penny Rogers

(Note: Mrs. Rogers did not provide a return address. Phil)

From : Mdcmdcmdcm@aol.com
To : info@drwebman.com
Subject : Yuchi?
Date : Fri, 31 May 2002 02:26:47 EDT

Dear Phil Lea,

I found your website while researching the Bat Creek Inscription. On your webpage you mentioned a possible Hebrew Connection, but you never elaborated on the possibility of this connection. Do you know if the Yuchi language resembles the Hebrew language? For example, the Cherokee word for "God" is very similar to the Hebrew word "Yahwah." I believe the "Bat Creek Inscription" should be translated "Star of Judah," and that these people were possibly descendants of David or maybe even descendants of siblings of Jesus (who was associated with the "Star of Bethlehem"). A Roman coin from 135 AD was found in Kentucky, so somebody was here from that part of the world just after the time of Jesus.

My mother's ancestors have lived in Tennessee as far back as we can trace, at least some 200 years. My grandmother's nickname was "the Little Black Dutch." So we believe that her ancestors are either Cherokee, Choctaw, Melungeon, or some combination there of. Given the fact that the Yuchi were assimilated into the other tribes, it is possible we may be descendants of Yuchi. My mother's father's last name is Mullins, which is considered to be Scotch-Irish or Melungeon. My mother's mother's last name is Puckett, which appears on the Choctaw list. But I believe the name is actually Hebrew shortened from "Puckett-Moab" (inappropriately spelled in the Bible as "Pahath-Moab") which translates "Hidden Pit of Moab." Moab was were some of David's ancestors were from, and it is were Mt. Nebo is located.

The Puckett-Moab were Levites who were in charge of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem after the return of the Babylonian Exiles. It is interesting that there are walls in east Tennessee with ancient undeciphered writing on them. It is also interesting to note that Melungeons were considered expert Jewelers in gold and silver, as Jews are world renowned for today. Sincerely, David Cruz

P.S. My father is from the Philippines. The name "Cruz" is Spanish for "Cross," but the name "Cruz" is Sephardic (meaning Spanish-Jew, which are typically from the tribes of Judah or Levi).


From : D. K. Hackett
To : Phil Lea
Subject : Re: Of Lost Roots and Forgotten Tribes
Date : Sat, 01 Jun 2002 17:49:12 -0400


I suppose credit on your site is in order as it gives validation and recourse for doubters. The State of Tennessee's official position is "there is no proof the Yuchi were ever in Tennessee." This is motivated by a desire to keep thousands of human remains that would have to be repatriated under NAGPRA. Under this decidedly antiacademic political stance they deny the historic record so as to claim that these remains are of unknown affiliation, therefore unreturnable under the law. Now, while the bones of my ancestors should be returned to the earth, this is not my central issue. The real issue is the ultimate genocidal act of writing a people out history after driving them from their homes and pushing them to near extinction.

I have succeeded in getting the Smithbend addition to the Hiawassee Wetlands Reserve named the Yuchi State Wetlands, thanks to the sympathetic folks at TWRA. We had the dedication ceremony a year ago. I would ultimately like to get a monument erected at Cleveland (Mouse Creek) or elsewhere remembering the Yuchi's presence here and that they gave Tennessee its name.

I have formed a coalition with the Melungeons, Brent Kennedy et al, and Eloy Gallegos (Spanish) to get the earliest Tennesseans written back into history. I will be speaking at the Fourth Union of the Melungeons on June 21st about the Yuchi History, relationship to the Melungeons and this coalition. I also will be teaching a continuing education class at Roane State Oak Ridge on the early residents of Tennessee starting July 3rd.

I grew up in Oak Ridge, and am in the process of moving back there from Knoxville. My current WEB site has a Yuchi page, but I am in need of getting it all moved over to my Yuchi.org page. By all means put my email address up on a link if you want. It would facilitate answering questions.

Yes, I would be interested in any evidence that links the Yuchi to any area of the country -- road signs too. While the evidence is irrefutable, the more I have, the more foolish the University looks for their official stance of denial.

Is it a good presumption that you have some Yuchi ancestry? There are thousands of folks in East Tennessee that have Yuchean ancestry knowingly or unknowingly. I often hear form a few each year. Most folks seem to think the Yuchi were just a branch of the Cherokee, if not that all Indians in the South were Cherokee. The Federal Government, of course, has officially decided that the Yuchi are a part of the Creek Nation -- like maintaining your own language and culture doesn't constitute sovereignty over its own People.

The Yuchi Tribe is deeply divided over those of mixed ancestry that wish to remain a Creek People (the Euchee), and those who wish to have recognition to help preserve the language (the Yuchi). There are fewer than 5 speakers of the language left, now.

Thanks for your interest, and if I can be of service, just ask.

----- David

David K. Hackett, PE
101 Burgess Lane
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830-7833
(865) 483-0058

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