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Welcome to...................... 

by Phil Lea (born 1952)

NOTE: This webpage has no images. Check it out while the page with all the pics ( ) is loading.



Dad's 1951 Mercury  (I remember sleeping in the package tray under the back glass on a trip to FLA)

Dad's 1955 Ford V8, Turquoise and White (I still remember Elvis coming out of that round radio)

My 1957 Chevrolet drag car, "The Silver Stroker" a 2 door post business coupe
(I bought it from a guy off the Brainard Road Exit in Chattanooga and I can't remember his name.)  

My 1958 Chevy 2-ton Car Hauler, "Big Mack" (That thing was geared so low you could take off in high gear.)

Dad's 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 (289, 3-speed with overdrive, black, red interior with plastic seat covers.)
(Dad ordered it new at CC Card Ford on Inman Street, Cleveland TN.)

1965 Sears Allstate MoPed by Puch (Santa brought it to me Christmas of 1965.) (He hid it at Sadie and David's across the street.)  

My 1965 Honda 150 Dream (Dad traded my Moped to Wayne Woody for it)

My 1966 Mustang (I bought it in the fall of 2005.) (It's for sale for $15,000 at )

1967 Chevrolet Camaro
(Mom and dad purchased new at Hall Chevrolet for $3,071.00) (Traded in Dad's '55 Ford.) (They gave it to me when I was around 19 or 20.)

1967 Camaro with a fold-down rear seat (I bought it from my cousin, Dean Adams)

1967 Chevrolet Impala (I bought it from a man dad knew in Etowah for the 327/300 engine in it.)

1967 Craftsman riding lawn mower
(I won it in 1967 at Sears when they had a grand opening give-a-way at their new store..)

1968 Camaro (I bought it from David Burgess and made a drag car out of it.) (I sold it to a Wise boy who worked at Athens Chevrolet.)

1970 Chevrolet Corvette matching-number 454 (purchased from Jewell Patterson for $3,750)

Dad's 1970 Chevrolet Pickup (250 6cyl, three on the tree, step-side, blue with white bumpers)

1971 Chevrolet Vega panel-wagon (I bought it from my uncle Danny Tinsley around 1973.)

Mom's 1972 Chevrolet Caprice, black on black

1972 Yamaha 360 Enduro dirt bike (I traded a 327 engine for it to Dennis Sipe.)

1973 Chevrolet Vega GT (I purchased it from Karen Fetzer. Dad and I rebuilt the engine.)

1973 Honda 750 Four (I don't remember where I bought it.)

1973 Lincoln Mark IV (I don't remember where I bought it.) (The cruise would stick on it and I had to blow the horn while pressing the "OFF" button to stop it.)

1975 Cadillac Brougham ("The Sled") (I don't remember where I bought it, I think some old lady in Cleveland.)
(This was the neatest car. It was HUGE, had a 502 engine & never used the first drop of oil!)

Mom's 1975 Caprice. White with blue interior.

1976 Chevy 4x4 pickup with roll bar (I think I bought it over Monteagle out of some auto trader magazine.)

1978 Buick Electra Park Avenue

1978 Ford Fiesta (I bought new at Etowah Motors.) (My first "new car") (I remember the fuse holder got hot and the headlight fuse would fall out on the floorboard while I was driving the curvy road to Euchee.) (I later put in an inline fuse.) (I gave it to my Dad.)

1984 Chevrolet C-30 MINNIE WINNIE Motorhome (I don't remember where I bought it)

1984 Dodge Caravan minivan (with woodgrain on the sides) (I don't remember where I bought it)
(I kicked a fat guys door in in Daytona because he had the door of his custom van opened into it.) (The fat slob)

1985 GMC 2-wd Suburban (I took it in on trade from the Ponderosa)

1986 GMC 4-wd Suburban
(I bought it at Lee Motor Co. near Atlanta, installed 4 captains chairs & running boards.)
(It was a great "Party Bus"!)

1987 Toyota pickup (I bought it new at North Georgia Toyota.) (My 2nd "new car")

1992 steel, slant-load, 2-horse, bumper-pull trailer (I had it built in Savannah GA)

1993 Car Hauler (Dove-tail with solid checker plate floor. I designed and had built in North Georgia)

1994 Exiss 2-horse slant-load goose-neck trailer with white skin (purchased it in Clinton)

1994 Ford Crew-cab Dually 7.3 Diesel 1-ton truck w/automatic and 4.10 posi (My 3rd "New Car")
(I bought it from Gray Epperson Ford in Athens TN)  

1994 Ford Explorer 4x4 XLT (I bought it from Gray Epperson Ford in Athens TN)

1996 Featherlite slant-load 2-horse bumper-pull trailer (I bought it from Terry Fox in Oak Ridge)

1996 Z-71 Chevrolet 4x4 pickup (I bought it new at Athens Chevrolet) (My 4th "New Car")

2000 Gulfstream Ultra Sport motorhome (I traded the 1978 Buick in on it to a couple near Georgetown)

2002 Chevrolet Tahoe, low miles, heated leather seats and operating moon roof.
(I bought it at Bill Holt Chevrolet in Ellijay GA. I paid too much, but it was nice and a local, low mileage SUV.)
(Bill Holt Chevrolet sucks. I went back to trade it in on a new crew-cab and they wouldn't give me anything for it.) (ps: Did I mention that Bill Holt Chevrolet of Ellijay sucks?)

2005 Chevrolet crew pickup (My 5th "New Car") (I traded the '02 Tahoe for it at the Chevrolet dealer in Sweetwater TN. They gave me a GREAT DEAL.) (This truck gets 20.8 MPG daily driving!)
(Did I mention that Bill Holt Chevrolet of Ellijay sucks?!?!?!?)


American Bandstand
American Beauty little red wagon
Amos and Andy
Annette Funicello (she had boobies!)
Dale Anthony (DJ on WFLI)
Apler's Shoe Store in 1950s Cleveland TN
"The Assembly" in Cleveland (I thought it was a carnival and wanted mom & dad to stop when I was little.)
Atari 2600
Gene Autry and his horse, Champion
BB Guns
Baking Soda Frogmen that would bubble and dive
Baking Soda Submarines that would bubble and dive
The Banana Man
Banks (My Chein Dime Bank that wouldn't open until you had $10 in it)
Barney (Fife) (Don Knotts)
Earnest T. Bass from Andy Griffith (real name: Howard Morris)
Batman and Robin
BELT! (A game we played in the 60s where one person hides a belt, yells OK, everyone looks for it, the one that finds it yells "BELT" and gets to whip anyone he can until they are safe back at "base" [usually a big tree])
William Bendix (see Life Of Riley)
Jack Benny
Benton Pontiac Buick
Benton Pike
Benton Station
Benton Station Baptist Church
Benton Station L&N Depot (Pictures Wanted)
Milton Berle (Uncle Miltie)
The Beverly Hillbillies
The Big Chicken KFC Restaurant in Marietta GA
Black and White TV (It took 5 minutes to warm up)
The Blue Circle on Inman St. Cleveland TN (Did they really sell soy bean burgers???)
Humphrey Bogart / Bogie (died from cancer of the esophagus from smoking)
Richard Boone (Paladin on Have Gun Will Travel) (died from throat cancer from smoking)
Bob Brandy, Ingrid and Rebel ( )
Bottle Caps with cork
Brainerd Beach Club
Brainerd Optimist Drag Strip
David Brinkley
Joe E. Brown
Building Blocks, ABC Building Blocks
Burger Chef
Easley Burgess' store in Benton Station
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show
Red Buttons

Camp cars, L&N Railroad camp cars at the Benton Station L&N Depot 
Candy Cigarettes
The Cannonball roller-coaster at Lake Winnie
Captain Kangaroo (Robert "Bob" Keeshan. born: 06/27/27 died: 01/23/04)
Cards and clothespins in your bicycle spokes make it sound like you had a motor
Johnny Carson of the Tonight Show (died from emphysema from smoking)
John and Dot Cassada's country store in Benton Station, Cassada Grocery
Pop and Harve Cassada (brothers from Benton Station Community, Tenn)
Cedar Christmas trees and C-7 Christmas bulbs (remember the blinking and the bubbling ones?)
Channel 3 (WRCB TV, NBC)
Channel 9 (WTVC TV, ABC) 
Channel 12 (WDEF TV, CBS)
Channel 18 (PBS from Chatsworth GA)
Channel 61 (later when UHF came out. Very weak signal)
Cherry Bombs (red, big firecrackers)
Cherry Bombs (red, loud mufflers)
The Chief Fire Truck set (sold in grocery stores)
Clancey O'Toole's Disco on Market St. Chattanooga
Cleveland Speedway ("Fastest quarter mile dirt track in the South")
Cleveland Tennessee of the 50's, 60's and 70's  
Mike Clancey
Dick Clark
The Club on left before you go through tunnels (used to be great R&R there in mid-70's)
Coca Cola Metal Crossing signs
Chuck Connors, The Rifleman (smoker, died from lung cancer)
Gary Cooper (smoker, died from lung cancer)
Cooper's Book Store
Cooper's Country Store in Benton Station (and old man Cooper's cars)
Cotton Patch Drive-In in Chattanooga (later went there to see his pit bulldogs)
Country Stores (The 1st one I remember was John Cassada's here in Benton Station. He even had a barber shop next door.)
Cousin J. Fred (Fred Poteet, engineer, left) ("MOVE 'EM OUT!" Wiley Mobile Homes!) and Tommy Jet, WFLI DJ (right)
Cracker Jacks (when they had REAL prizes)
Crane Cams
Broderick Crawford and Highway Patrol ("10-4")
"Crawler" Toy (made by my dad out of a wooden spool, 2 crayons and a rubber band)    
Dairy Kreme
Daisy BB Guns
The Darlin's (The band was actually the Dillards Bluegrass Band)
Briscoe Darlin
David (????)'s nightclubs in Chattanooga
Deputy Dawg cartoon
Desk (My play desk from Santa 1955) (I still have it)
Andy Devine , "Jingles"
Digging for worms to go fishing
Dimes under Coke lids
Dirt Dobbers
Walt Disney (smoker, died of lung cancer)
Double-O (see Grumpy's)
Dr. Shock


Eastgate Mall
Clint Eastwood as Rowdy Yates on Rawhide
ED ("Edison" phone number prefixes for Benton TN)
8-Track to Cassette Adapters
Engel Stadium
Dale Evans


Fairmount Georgia and all the hotrods that little town had in the 60's and 70's
Fantasy 2000 (nightclub)
My Fire Truck by SSS Japan
Five and Ten (5&10) cent stores
Fli-Back Skateboard
45 RPM Records
411 Steak House
Frito Bandito
Funeral home across from Sugar 'n Spice in Cleveland that had been a restaurant. But, when it was a funeral home for a while the old writing bled through on painted-over roof that said: "COUNTRY HAM AND HOT BISCUITS"
Annette Funicello
Funtime with Miss Marsha ("I see Morris and Buddy and Jerry and Philip and Jane and Gary and Debbie and....")


Clark Gable (smoker, 59 died of a heart attack)
Dave Garroway and J. Fred Muggs
The General Steam Engine (when it was at Chattanooga Choo Choo and before the state of Georgia stole it.)
My 1966 Gibson J-45 Guitar (It's for sale)
Gibson's Discount Store
GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jackie Gleason
Glenda's Beauty Shop (My mom's shop in Benton Station)
Go Go Club in Chattanooga
The Goat Man / The Goatman
Arthur Godfrey (smoker, died of emphysema)
Gooney Golf in Chattanooga
The Gospel Singing Jubilee with the LeFevres
GR (Greenwood phone number prefixes for Cleveland)
John Gray (WDEF TV, Channel 12. He was Chattanooga's first TV weatherman.)
Paul Gray's house with Mickey Mouse on roof
Paul Gray's Playlate Club (It was rumored after "Hef" sued him) 
Paul Gray's Playmate Club (It was rumored before "Hef" sued him)
Andy Griffith
Grumpy's / Double-O / Ocoee Outdoors, Hwy 64 East, Parksville, TN 37307, (615) 338-8060, Some bands: The Beaters, Targets, Metropolitan Blues Allstars and Mid-Nite Hour


Hardee's Lil Chef 
Al Harris Ramblers
George Harrison of The Beatles (smoker, died of lung cancer at 58)
Harshbarger-Stratton, men's clothing store in Cleveland TN
Eddie Haskell from Leave it to Beaver
Have Gun Will Travel with Richard Boone as Paladin
Gabby Hayes Gabby Hays
M.C. Headrick Grocery Stores
My High-chair that broke down to make a Table (Mom let Bobbie Spence have it for her 2 sons, but Bobbie recently told mom she doesn't even remember it????)
High Chaparral (Western TV show)
Highway Patrol with Broderick Crawford
The Hillbilly Bears cartoon ("Ritz'n, Ratz'n, dad-gum women!") 1965 (Pa's gun was bent)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Remember the theme? It was a funeral dirge.)
Honest Charley's in Chattanooga
The Honeymooners
Hoopie-hide (East TN "hide and go seek")
House of Happy Feet (a black dancehall in 6-ward in Cleveland in the 60s)
Curly Howard (3 Stooges)
Moe Howard (3 Stooges) (smoker, died of lung cancer)
Howdy Doody
Hubley Car carrier # 353 with 1953 Cadillacs from Santa in 1953
Billy Hull's Castaway's Club and Lions Den
Chet Huntley (smoker, died of lung cancer)
(The Huntley-Brinkley Report on NBC. "Goodnight David. Goodnight Chet.")


I Love Lucy (Lucy and Desi both were smokers and both died of cancer)
I Married Joan (TV Show) Jim Baccus and Joan Bondell
Burl Ives (smoker, died of mouth cancer)


Dennis James, TV announcer (smoker, died of lung cancer)
My Jaymar toy Grand Piano from Santa 1953
My Jeep friction toy (made by KO of Japan)      
Jet Fli Spectaculars
Jet Fli, WFLI 
Tommy Jet, WFLI DJ (right) with Cousin J. Fred (Fred Poteet, engineer, left)
My Jewel Tea Toy Truck
John R. (DJ that I used to listen to on WLAC, late at night) (He was white, but sounded black.)
Jubilee (gospel singing on Atlanta TV hosted by The LeFevres)
Jubilee City on Brainerd Rd. (1st big discount store I remember)
Juke Boxes (remember the controls at the booths?)


Boris Karloff, Frankenstein (smoker, died of lung cancer)
Buster Keaton (smoker, died of lung cancer)
Don Knotts (smoker, died of lung cancer)
Krystal (first one I was ever in was on Brainerd Rd and was chrome and black and white)
Kukla, Fran and Ollie


L&N Railroad (and riding the trains for free) 
LT-1 engine, 350 cubic inches, 370 horsepower (I bought one new in '71 from Berger Chevrolet and put it in my '67 Camaro)
Lake Winnie
Lakewood Blowproof Bellhousing
Lakewood Traction Bars
Michael Landon (smoker, died of pancreatic and liver cancer)
Lassie and Timmy
Laurel and Hardy
John Lea (my 1st cousin who was a Cleveland TN city policeman and worked at the Star Vue)
Leach Lonzo Lea, my fraternal grandfather
The Leader
Leave It To Beaver (TV Show)
The LeFevres (Alphus, Urias, Maude & Eva Mae LeFevre)
My 1977 Les Paul Pro-Deluxe guitar
Little Pig Drive-In Restaurant (South Lee Hwy, Cleveland, Tenn)
The Life Of Riley (TV Show. The Riley family: Chester, Peg, Babs and Junior)
Mort Lloyd (Former news anchor on Channel 12, WDEF in Chattanooga. Died in a plane crash.)
Lone Ranger and Tonto
Ken Lucas


M. C. Headrick's Supermarket (My first employer)   
Mad Mouse at Lake Winnie
Dean Martin (smoker, died of acute respiratory failure)
Lee Marvin (smoker, died of heart attack)
Groucho Marx (smoker, died of lung cancer)
My MARX LAZY-DAY FARM Barn and Playset
Perry Mason
Luther Massengill
Mayberry (Barney, Opie, Andy, Aunt Bea)
Steve McQueen (smoker, died of lung cancer)
Memorial Auditorium
Mickey Mouse Club
  Sherry Alberoni (1956-1957), Sharon Baird, Bobby Burgess, Lonnie Burr, Tommy Cole, Johnny Crawford (1955-1956), Annette Funicello, Darlene Gillespie, Don Grady (1957-1958), Cheryl Holdridge (1956-1959), Tommy Kirk (1955-1956), Robert Klosterman (Bob), Julius Sumner Miller (Professor Wonderful), Cubby O'Brien, Karen Pendleton, Paul Petersen (1955), and Doreen Tracey. Roy Williams, the Big Mouseketeer and former Disney animator, and Jimmie Dodd were the show's co-hosts.
Who's the leader of the club That's made for you and me? M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!
Hey, there! Hi, there! Ho, there! You're as welcome as can be! M--I-C-K-E-Y
Mickey Mouse! Donald Duck! Mickey Mouse! Donald Duck! Forever let us hold our banners high! High! High! High!
Come along and sing a song And join the jamboree M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E
Now's the time to say goodbye To all our company Through the years we'll all be
friends Wherever we may be M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E
Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse
Forever let us hold our banner high
M-I-C - See ya real soon!
K-E-Y - Why?
Because we like you!

Bill Miller (on WFLI)
Mitch Miller
The Millionaire (TV show)
Robert Mitchum, actor (Thunder Road) (smoker, died of emphysema and lung cancer)
Gary Moore, TV game show host (I've Got a Secret & To Tell the Truth) (smoker, died of emphysema )
Mike Murray (Mid-day Murray-go-round on WFLI)
The Monument (Confederate Monument in Cleveland TN)
Morning Zoo on KZ106, WSKZ
Motor cars at the Benton Station L&N Depot 
Mr. Wizard 
J. Bazzell Mull and Lady Mull ("Ain't that right, Miss Mull?")
Mull's Singing Convention
My Murray Tricycle
My Little Margie (TV show)


NON-child-proof medicine bottles
Nurse Bad-body, Nurse Purebody, Nurse Badbody, Nurse Pure Body (from Shock Theater) ( )


Ocoee Outdoors (See Grumpy's)
OO (See Grumpy's)
Officer Dan (from WSB-TV in Atlanta)
Roy Orbison (smoker, died of lung cancer at 52)
Ozzy and Harriet


Paladin (HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL TV Show with Richard Boone)
Panasonic Portable VCR with black and white camera (I paid $3,500 for this setup in the '70s and got it wholesale!)
Paradise Drag Strip in Calhoun GA
Paraffin Cokes
Parking Meters
Bert Parks (Miss America host) (smoker, died of lung cancer)
Party lines
Pass the Life Savers game
Pass the Orange game
Phone number prefixes ("ED" for Edison in Benton "GR" for Greenwood in Cleveland)
Pinion Jewelry
PJ's Supper Club
Poll Parrot Shoes 
Preachers:  Long, Lynn Moreland
Vincent Price (smoker, died of lung cancer)
Princess Theater
Prizes under the cork in bottle caps
Progressive Farmer cartoons ("Ada the Ashire"? with the cows)
Putt-Putt Golf


Quad-8s, quad 8-track tapes (4 separate channels!)
Queen For a Day (TV Show)


RC Cola and a Moon Pie
Rabbit Ears
Railroad Salvage, South Lee Hwy, Cleveland TN
Rawhide / Raw Hide (Western TV Show with Clint Eastwood as Rowdy Yates. Plus, there was Wishbone and Mr. Favor)
Real McCoys
Rebel Drive-in (South Lee Hwy, Cleveland TN) 
Record Albums (45s, 78s, 33 1/3)
Red Pony (the movie where the buzzards attacked the little boy) (I was traumatized by that)
Lee Remick (smoker, died of lung and liver cancer)
Riding bicycles (AND motorcycles) without helmets
The Rifleman (Chuck Connors as Lucas McCain and Johnny Crawford as Mark in North Fork, New Mexico.)
Rin Tin Tin ("Rinny")
My Robert the Robot
Rochester (From the Jack Benny Show)
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
Romper Room with Miss Marsh
Speck Rose (Porter Wagoner Show? Cas Walker Show?)
Sambo's Restaurant
J. M. Sanders, "Diamond King of the South" and his commercials
My Uncle Earnest Scoggins
Sea Hunt with Lloyd Bridges
Sears, Roebuck and Co. (My business card, circa 1974)
Rod Serling of the Twilight Zone (smoker, died of heat disease at 51)
My Great-Grandma Schabel
My Great-Uncle Johnny Schabel (and Aunt Lela) (Lee-Lur)
Shak Shak drive-in restaurant (The Shake Shack) (Waterlevel Hwy/Hwy 64), Cleveland)
SHOCK THEATER Dr. Shock Dingbat Nurse Bad-body  
Silver Salutes (big "farcrackers")
My Silvertone Electric Guitar
Phil Silvers Show
Bud and Kate Simerly of Benton Station Community, Benton TN
Six Ward / Sixth Ward in Cleveland TN
Skateboard by Fli-Back
Red Skelton
Percy Sledge
Slot car track that was beside C.C. Card
"Snow" (Officer Kaylor)
Soupy Sales
Speck Hospital (where I was born)
Speer Family
Sports Page Club
The SPOT hamburger place of the 50s & 60s in Cleveland TN
Star Vue Drive In Theater (the bad movies, playground equipment, BINGO, concession stand and the BACK ROW!)
Steak 'n Ale in Chattanooga
Steam Engines
Stink Bugs
My Structo Road Grader
Structo Steam Shovel 
My Structo Towing Service Wrecker # 910
Sugar 'n Spice drive-in restaurant of the 60s and 70s, South Lee Hwy, Cleveland TN
Sugar Sticks
Ed Sullivan (smoker, died of lung cancer at 71)
My Superior Service Station by T. Cohn
J.D. Sumner and the Stamps
John Cameron Swayze ("Timex, it takes a licking and keeps on ticking.")


TV had only 3 channels (3, 9 & 12)
Tape City (my old "Record Store", 1975 to 1996)
Tennga GA L&N Depot
Tom Terrific and Manfred the Wonder Dog
The Three Stooges
Thriller nightclub in Chattanooga
Thunder Road movie with Robert Mitchum
Tiki Hut (across river in Chattanooga)
Otto Timms' Paradise Drag Strip in Calhoun GA
Danny Tinsley ("Uncle Danny", my hero growing up)
Hoyt and Vera Tinsley
June and Jessie Tinsley, my paternal grandparents
Rando Tinsley (My great-uncle and once Tennessee's oldest barber)
Sadie Tinsley (My aunt)
My Tin Lizzie
Tommy Jet (WFLI)
Tonka Livestock Truck
John Totten ("Where we mark it up just a little bit." & "Where you buy the Totten pickin' furniture and not the building")    
Toys ( )
Traction Bars, Lakewood
Spencer Tracy (smoker, died of lung congestion & heart attack at 66)
Trampoline place in Cleveland (down in front of old Star Vue location) where you paid to jump. 
Trigger (Roy Rogers' horse)
Ira Trivers (Clothing store in Chattanooga)
Earnest Tubb (smoker, died of emphysema at 70)
TV Antennas
21 Bolt Posi / Positraction unit
12 Bolt Rear-end
The Twilight Zone



Vanguard Go-cart
The Varsity (Atlanta drive-in restaurant)
Vest Dairy on Benton Pike in Cleveland
The Village Shopping Center
The Virginian (Western TV show)


Wagon Train (TV Show with Ward Bond)
Cas Walker (The Sign of the Shears) (He had a TV country variety show that Dolly Parton got her start on.)
Wampus Cats
Wanted Dead or Alive (TV Western show with Steve McQueen)
Warts (Gradma said if I put a pebble the size of each wart in a hanky, fold it up, tie a knot it in, throw it out the car window at a crossroads and never look back, they will go away.) (It worked!!!)
Waspers and wasper nests (wasps) (the larvae made great fish bait)
Waterlevel Motors
Wax Lips
Wax miniature Coke bottles
Mr. Weber (L&N engineer who took me a ride in the cab of a steam engine in the 50s)
Grandpappy Welch's weather forecast (Don Welch on Channel 9, WTVC Chattanooga)
Lawrence Welk
Western Flyer bicycle (Christmas 1961)
Wild Bill Hickok TV show with Guy Madison and Andy Devine
Wild River (1960 movie made here in Charleston TN)
Wiley Mobile Homes ("MOOOVEM OUT!" by Cousin J. Fred Poteet)
Wolfman Jack (smoker, died of heart attack at 57)
Woolworth's in downtown Cleveland
Wrestling ('RASSLIN')
  George Gulas
Nick Gulas
Haystack Calhoun
Jackie Fargo and Jerry Lawler
Roughhouse Fargo
The Fargo Strut
George Gulas
Nick Gulas
Jerry Jarrett
Jerry Lawler
Ken Lucas
Masked Medics
Tommy Rich 
Len Rossi
Scufflin' Hillbillies
Harry Thornton (announcer/promoter)
Saul Weingeraff  
Tojo Yamamoto (died 01-19-1992, suicide at age 65, real name: Harold Watanabe )




007 Attache Case  
AgentMZero Spy Camera/Pistol  
Aggravation Game  
Baking Soda Propelled Submarines & Diving Frogmen  
Barney Google Glasses 
Barrel of Monkeys  
Black Lights  
Booby Trap Fireworks 
Booby Trap Game  
Candyland Game 
Captain Kangaroo 
Chemistry Sets 

Clue Game 
Concentration Game 
Coon Skin Caps  
Cootie game 
Cox .049 Airplanes  
Creepy Crawler  
Crystal Radios 
Daisy Pump BB Gun  
Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun  
Doctor Kits 
Drinking Birds 
Duncan Yo-Yo's  
Electric “Vibrating Magnetic” Football  
Emenee Chord Organ 
Erector Sets 
Foney Cards 
Funny Face Clay 
Gumby and Pokey 
Gym Dandy Surrey (with the Fringe on Top)  
Halloween Masks  
Halloween Noisemakers  
Jifaroo Kite 
Jifaroo Periscope 
Johnny Reb Cannon 
Joy Buzzers  
Jump Rope 
Krazy Ikes 
Lava Lamps  
Lie Detector  
Life Game 
Lincoln Logs 
Lionel Trains  
Lunch Boxes 
Magic 8-Ball  
Magic Sets 
Magic Snake Fireworks 
Magnetic Wooly Willy Face w/Pen  
Magnus Chord Organ 
Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Man From Uncle toys 
Marx Cape Canaveral Atomic Missile Base  
Marx Trains  
Mattel Power Shop  
Mattell Spinning Whizzer Top  
Mexican Jumping Beans 
Mighty Mo Cannon  
Mood Rings 
Moon Shoes (with springs on the bottom for bounce) 
Mouse Trap Game 
Mr. Microphone 
Mr. Potato Head 
Noisemakers Give-A-Show Projector  
Old Maid Cards 
Ouija Board  
Paddle Balls 
Parachute Soldiers 
Pedal Cars  
Pet Rocks 
Pet Turtles  
Pix Pix Pick-up Sticks  
Pogo Sticks  
Rat Finks 
Red Ranger Cap Pistol 
Rifleman Rifle  
Risk Game  
Rock-‘Em Sock-‘Em Robots 
Roll Caps  
Rubber-band Balsa Airplanes  
Ruby Falls Cards  
Sea Monkeys  
Séance Game 
Sears & Roebuck 
Silly Putty 
Silly Sand  
Silver Salutes 
Slot Cars 
Sneaky Snakes 
Sneezing Powder  
Stick Horses 
Stink Bombs  
Stratego Game 
Strobe Lights  
Super Show Projector 
Super Snooper Periscope  
Tickle Bee Game  
Tiddledy Winks Game  
Time Bomb  
Toy Cash Registers 
Toy Service Stations  
Toy Soldiers 
Toy Typewriters 
Trick Hot Gum  
Trick Slate See Rock City Cards 
Tumble Bug Game  
Uncle Wiggily 
Venus Fly Traps 
ViewMaster Projector Junior 
Western Cap Gun 
Wham-O Boomerang  
Wham-O Frisbee  
Wham-O Monster Bubbles 
Wham-O Shoop-Shoop Hula Hoop  
Wham-O Slingshots and Ammo 
Wham-O Super Stuff  
Wham-O Superball  
Whitman 4-5-6 Pick-Up Sticks  
Whoopee Cushions 
Whoopie Cushions 
Wood-Burning Sets 
X-Ray Glasses 






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Mrs."Tee" Shares Memories of Harry Thornton
by Harmon Jolley
February 22, 2005

Those of us who lived in Chattanooga between the late 1930’s and 1982 will never forget the personality and voice of broadcasting legend Harry Thornton. 

On Saturday afternoons, the strains of Sousa’s “The Thunderer” opened Harry Thornton’s live wrestling show. Tojo Yamamoto, Saul Weingeraff, Sir Clements, Jackie Fargo, Haystack Calhoun, and Jerry Lawler drew boos or cheers (depending on their status as villain or hero that week) from the studio audience. Whenever I was visiting, my grandpa would ask me to come watch TV by saying, “they’re fightin’ on there.” Harry Thornton’s television show and obligatory “grudge match” prompted big crowds for the Saturday night main event at the Memorial Auditorium.

I also watched Harry Thornton’s Morning Show. The program was a blend of news/weather/sports and discussion of current events. A forerunner of today’s talk radio and TV, The Morning Show motivated many viewers to share (and argue) their views with Harry. There were many times when local politics revolved around what was said on The Morning Show. The show always had high ratings.

Many viewers also got to know Harry’s beloved wife, “Mrs. Tee,” from the times when she filled in as co-hostess of the Morning Show. Last year, I received an e-mail from Mrs. Tee in response to my article on the Golden Gallon Milk Jugs: “How funny that you should come out with this article now. Just last week I told my daughter that I sure could use an "Old Milk Jug."“ Delighted to hear from a person whom I had watched on television, I asked Mrs. Tee for an interview. 


No. My name is Helen, as well as a friend of mine, Helen Richardson, and another friend named Helen – we all lived together in Brainerd. Helen Richardson’s three year-old grandchild started calling me “Mrs. Tee in 1945 as a way to tell the three of us apart.


The people – they are so friendly.


He was the first announcer on WDEF. After school in his junior and senior years, he went to WDOD and worked as a “go-fer.” Archie Campbell worked there and had a red convertible and would ask him to run errands. He got his start there doing opening and closing announcements. Joe Engel called him to help him to get WDEF started. He had already been signed up to go into the army. Luther (Masingill) was in Harry’s ROTC unit at Central High School. Art Campbell hired him as chief announcer at his new radio station, WAGC, after he returned from World War II. 


He hosted the morning show at WAGC, and it started at 6:00 A.M. He said, “I used to carry milk at this time of the morning, so I’m going to call myself “The Milkman.”

When Harry was on the air, I would sometimes turn the radio up and go work in the yard.
We also had thousands of records that I liked to listen to. They had been sent to him by singers wanting to have him to play their records on the air.


Gulas and Welch owned the wrestling contract for the entire south. They came to Chattanooga and asked Harry to do announcing at the auditorium. He soon said, “Why don’t we do a TV show?” Harry was on Channel 3 then when it was on McCallie Avenue across from Warner Park. It was known as WRGP then. He also did all of the Golden Gloves boxing here. We traveled all over. He later moved his wrestling show to WDEF.


I hated it! My mother loved it, though. One time, I invited her to go to see wrestling. “The Hillbillies” (tag team) were on the card. My mother got them confused with “The Beverly Hillbillies” TV show, and said that she hoped that Granny would be there. 

I did attend the events, though, and saw all of the damage that wrestling causes to the body. The falls? They’re real. The blood? It’s real. They wear out their bodies. My son was a wrestler, and died at age 46 from a massive heart attack.

I can say that the meanest wrestlers in the ring were actually the nicest ones on the outside.


Actually, he was on cable television even before he died, and competed well against the WCW and WWF.


He had given up radio, and taken a young retirement to pursue other interests such as farming. In 1969, the station manager at WDEF called to ask him to go back on the air, and told Harry to call him back in an hour. We then went to what we called our “downtown office” at McNew Pharmacy. Harry went out to a pay phone to call the manager back. He came back in, and said, “Well, I’ve got a new job. I don’t know what it is, but he wants me to do a morning show. Tomorrow, he said that we had to find a girl to go on the air with me.” The first co-hostess was Ruth Bloyer. Others over the years were Judy Corn, Fran Day, Barbara Molloy, and Judy Corn a second time. Judy Corn was the greatest thing to happen to the show. She is like a daughter, and we e-mail each other today.


One time, Ruth Bloyer was snowed in at Chicago. That’s when I did my first fill-in. You can’t keep my mouth shut, and Harry encouraged it. We were just minutes from going on the air, and I didn’t have time to think about it. I said that I would do it as a fill-in, and that’s all. 

We couldn’t go anywhere that people didn’t recognize us – even on cruises. We reached as far as Atlanta and Murphy, NC.


Any complaint at all, they would come to Harry to put it on the air. He had that much influence. We heard from folks all over the world about Harry being jailed (for refusing to reveal the identity of a caller). I would tell them, “Yes, and he’s going to stay there until he is given his rights.”

The station manager once told Harry, “I’m not expecting you to come in first (in ratings).” Harry replied, “If I can’t come in first, I’ll go off the air.” The Morning Show beat its competition – Good Morning America, The Today Show, and Luther.

Celebrities who came to town all wanted to be on the show.


We had sewing demonstrations from The Pro-Sew Shop. We had an organist from Jimmy’s Music Store. Quinco Kitchens built at least one of our sets. There were also Rusty’s Meat Market, Charlie’s Wieners, and Rogers Grocery. 


Harry’s last show was on July 2, 1982. Many of his friends were on the show. Luther gave him the microphone that he had used to sign on at WDEF radio.

Harry would sometimes say, “I can’t imagine how a no-name person from Highland Park could go so far in the world.”

We had planned to travel, and did travel to Jekyll Island. He got sick, and went into the hospital. They called me at home to say that he had taken a turn for the worse. Four months after leaving the air, Harry died on November 15, 1982. 

I’ve always loved to sew. I have two sewing machines and a serger that I don’t use anymore. I’ve also been an artist. After Harry died, Judy O’Neal invited me to be on her cable 3 talk show to do sewing, art, and candy-making. . 

In 1997, I moved in with my daughter and son-in-law in Hickory, NC. I have a large screen television with Web TV and a keyboard that I use from my electric chair. I’m a frequent reader of the, and also use e-mail a lot.

I miss Chattanooga, though. It’s home. 

(If you have memories that you would like to share with Mrs. Tee, she has asked me to pass her e-mail ID along to readers. She can be reached at
Her reply will contain her motto: “You have to give a HUG to get one.”).


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